Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adventures in orange - Originally posted 6 May 2007

So I've had some mishap with the color orange this weekend.

First, I had my hair appointment last Friday to get my funky hair. The idea was to get some red streaks in my hair. Like fire truck red. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Manic Panic color that I needed, which was Vampire Red. After calling my hairdresser and looking at the swatches on the Manic Panic web site, we thought that Infra Red was going to work. So I buy it without looking at it much because, well, the swatch looked good.

Well, my hair is so long and has been died black for so long that my tips absolutely refused to bleach to a whitish/blondish color. We didn't need the hair to go all pale for the color to stick but the tips remained decidedly copper... and that was after really double bleaching the tips. So that was a problem.

Then, I look at the Infra Red jar and it looks brownish. I was like, Oh f***! Anyway, my hairdresser puts it on a towel to see the color 'cause cometimes jars change the color. Nah, it's copper/brown. So she shows me some other funky colors that she has but we end up deciding on using the Infra Red since it was actually a close match to my hair tips.

Turns out that the hair is not that bad. It's not red but my hair could not go pale enough for red this time around. We will most likely bleach it again the next time and be able to pale it enough for the Vampire Red to stick... and I will buy the damn color elsewhere besides Future Shock.

Then, yesterday, I was noodling around before finally starting on my Red Tour costume. So I take the orange fabric out and fold it to get my square that I need for the double-square skirt thing (aka a 8-point skirt). Well, turns out that I did a brain fumble when I calculated how much fabric I needed. So I can only cut ONE square... but I needed TWO! Sh!t! So I put the fabric in front of me and it looks okay with just one square but it was not exactly what I had in mind (or what I had drawn).

I had a hunch that maybe it wasn't cool enough so I go upstairs and show the look to my hubby. He said that it didn't look as finished as it would have if I had the two squares. I was pissed. Not at him but at my brain fart.

So, the good news is that I have enough orange to do the arm flame thingies and to cover some of the bra, as I had intended. I just don't have enough for the second square. The bad news is that I had ordered my fabric from Denver Fabrics and they were out of my orange fabric. F*** F*** F*** And, even if my brain had not glitched, when I thought about it, there was not enough left when I bought the orange to do the 2 squares AND the bra and arm flame thingies.

So I decided to order the same type of fabric (silk chiffon) but in red. So I will have the top square be the orange one and the red will be underneath. Actually, maybe it will be better than the double orange squares... when I received the orange fabric, it looked more... ahem... bright than the swatch had looked (oh yeah... I had been wise (for once) and had ordered a swatch from Denver Fabrics... love that convenience). I hadn't thought about it but the layering of orange made it brighter. I was already hesitant to do the 2 orange layers so now the problem was solved by my fumble: it's going to be red underneath. It might actually be better. We shall see.

So, this weekend, I had a love-hate relationship with orange...

Comments I had received
From Tempest:
I love your hair color! I think red would have been too much---the orange is *perfect* with your complection. (wait, is that how that's spelled? oye..)

From Hadara:
I LIKE it!!! I think your hair looks great and I agree with Tempest that the red would probably have been too severe.

From Haifa:
I adore your hair!!! And sorry to hear about the brain fart! Don't ya just hate those?! Good luck with your costuming project.. I know you'll come up with a smashing alternative!

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