Saturday, July 10, 2010

Schtuff - Originally posted 24 September 2007

My morning started not so nice with a nightmare regarding work. I won't go there...

Then I get to work and I am overwhelmed with e-mails and requests and whatever.

But then I go to weigh in and our efforts in that first week of the South Beach diet paid off: I lost 6.3 lbs!!!! Okay, some of it came from the boot being off, which Jeff told me to go ahead and calculate it as some weight off. ;) But, yeah, the boot was not THAT heavy.

Walking today is rather easy. Someone here at work told me that she broke both of her feet within like 2 years of each other. For the first fracture, the doc did not tape the foot after the boot came off but, for the second fracture, the doc (a different doc) did and it made a ton of difference. Like, the first time, she was not able to wear normal shoes for a year but her foot didn't swell much the second time. But her two fractures were different... So I was talking with Jeff about that and was saying how it's hard to know if that would be worthwhile for me, given that I have a different fracture, etc., and Jeff figured out that we should try it in a "proxy" way. Yesterday, I wore sneakers instead of my normal Mary Janes. And, yes, it made a difference. My foot did not swell nearly as much and it didn't look difformed. So I'm wearing white sneakers with dress pants and a dress shirt and it feels so odd but, hey, foot health before style (I know! White sneakers! *sigh* Those were sneakers for the gym so color was not a big deal... and I bought those before I wore that much black) . I did purchase a pair of black Skecher sneakers that will look more in sync with my wardrobe and which I will be able to wear with skirts. ;)

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