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Time for a tally - Originally posted 12 December 2006

It's getting close to the end of the year. So. What have I done besides spending too much money on shoes? ;op Since I just had to tally everything that I had done professionally in the past year, it's prompted me to think of my other life and the accomplishments there. ;op

- Took workshops with Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Kami Liddle, Tempest (twice and I want more), Blue Lotus Tribe, Zafira, Karim Nagi.

- Saw the Bellydance Superstars live.

- Did my first solo... and my second. ;op Did my first improv solo (which was a different solo).

- Started teaching. I taught only 11 or 12 beginners. I have 4 continuing students. Plus Kat who is a different case altogether. I didn't do a good job advertising my classes. That's something to improve on for next year.

- Started taking yoga classes with an instructor (as opposed to doing it with a DVD). That is an area that I can improve on too. It is so good for me but it seems that, when life hits, it's one of those activities that I just let go of when, really, that's one of the activities that I should keep because it's so good for me! Oh and, per my instructor, it seems that I'm a natural. (It doesn't mean that I'm bendy... lol... but rather that I instinctly know the concepts... remnants of a past life, maybe? ;op)

- Saw a bunch of concerts including Combichrist with KMFDM (well, it's rather the other way around officially but, for me, that's what it was), Psyclon 9 (too bad the sound was not good), Razed in Black, Family Values Tour (our seats were awesome; they did one acoustic piece just in front of us), NiN, Cruciform Injection, and Raquy and the Cavemen.

- Went to Philly twice: once for work (DIA conference) and once for pure pleasure. Went to the beach twice: NJ again (Cape May) and Panama City Beach.

- I sewed like crazy a ghawazee coat. But, besides that, I didn't do much sewing. Actually, come to think of it, I think that almost all the sewing that I did was for bellydancing stuff. Hmmm. I want to sew more and other stuff besides belly dancing so I will have to make time for that.

- Got a character to level 50 in WoW. Hey, that's gotta count for something, as it takes quite a bit of time (especially when you play only sporadically like I do). I have a bunch of characters at level 20. Man, I've got alt-mania! ;op

- Lately, we've been going to the gym 3 times per week regularly. That's cool. I see results too. The scale is not showing much results but, heck, my body is definitely different. We won't mention that I gained the weight as it is not really an accomplishment. lol

So. I've done quite a bit. But I want to do more somehow. I will need to use my great planification skills to make the most of my time. lol Well, more like create timelines and such and stick to them. What's hard about doing that for personal stuff is that, if there is no true impact of missing the timeline (i.e., you fix one arbitrarily), it's easy to just let it slip... whereas, if there is an impact, then you have to do it or face the consequences (e.g., if you need a piece of costume for dancing).

I think that one of my flaws for certain projects (e.g., my dance room) is that I am waiting for huge chunks of time to work on it. I think that working on it in smaller chunks might be the way to go. But enough about that. Now is time to celebrate accomplishments... and I have until January to come up with realistic New Year's resolutions. ;op

Oh, btw, my New Year's resolution for 2006 was simple: be fearless.

Comments I had received

From Jen:
Why I love you I could have gone on about how many things I WANTED to do but DID NOT. This is a very constructive way to look at the past year, pat yourself on the back and plan for the next...without beating yourself up. So simple!! Brilliant!! You should deffinately add your house rock'n shimmy to that list.

From me:
Oh yeah! That's right: I took my shimmy to a whole new level. Whereas it was just there but choppy, it's getting smooth and stronger. Okay that sounded like I was talking about something else. lol That's a big thing here where I work: in your performance review, you focus on what you did accomplish. And if you made a mistake or whatnot, you can still mention it but then you spin it around with what you learned from it, what you would do differently in the future, etc., and then it's considered a "hit." There are very few "misses" here. ;o) I got the idea of doing that tally, yes, because of the performance review but also because I have felt lately like I am not doing everything that I want to be doing and I felt blah. So, by writing what I did end up doing over the course of a year puts things in perspective quite a bit! ;o)

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