Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ooh! That smell! - Originally posted 21 May 2007

So I'm doing this liver and gallbladder cleansing every month or two months in an attempt to keep me away from the knife. The first time was uber awesome in that I felt soooooooooo good afterwards, it was just great!

Now, this past weekend was my second cleansing. I will have to do it periodically until the liver and gallbladder are clean and then I will do it twice in the year.

Anyway, part of the process involves a little fast of about 20 hours or so. Saturday, I had to go to the grocery store about 6 hours after the start of the fast to go get some orange juice that I needed for one of the steps.

While driving there, I was thinking that I should have gone to the grocery store earlier so that I wouldn't have been fasting and it wouldn't have tortured me. Actually, I wasn't tortured at all! Everything smelled sooooooooooooo nice! But it was okay. I wanted to do this cleansing thing so I was okay with the idea.

But, man, I saw some cherries and contemplated buying some to eat after breaking my fast but they were not really ready yet (half of them were not ready ripe yet). So I had to look at a bag of cherries and, in doing so, I took in the smell and the smell was just divine.

Then, I went into the aisle where all the spices were and, instead of being assaulted by a nondescript blend of smell, it was as if I could smell each individual spice. It was great!

I walked by the bread area and I could even smell the French bread, which, here, unless it's freshly baked, you can't really smell all that much.

It seems that fasting had enhanced my sense of smell. Boy, was that a great experience!

And, then, yesterday, after breaking the fast, everything tasted real good. We ate too much for dinner, though, so it was an unpleasant feeling that I don't want to repeat too often... which would be good for me! :o)

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