Saturday, July 10, 2010

Update on the foot - Originally posted 31 July 2007

I have no pain, which is good. I sometimes have spasms in it and, as Paravaneh said, it feels like everything is getting back into place. Everyone has told me that it's a good sign, that it means that I'm healing.

First and foremost, I need to thank my hubby for being so nice to me and helping me so much. Man, it's appreciated, honey! And he helps me even through my mood swings. He's so sweet!

I have an army of people who are doing my bidding... well, who are graciously helping me with everything. Even my boss carried some papers for me (while I was carrying myself) and got me a big glass of water. I am so grateful to everyone: you guys are all helping me heal more quickly.

I have to be careful with my left crutch right now. I think that I tend to put it too far away from my body, creating pain in my left elbow. A lot of people have wondered about my armpit pain. I have none. I think that it's due to 1) the backpack that carry around with me; the straps are a protective cushion between the crutches and my armpits and 2) I really push on those suckers with my arms and shoulders, which makes it so that my armpits are not involved much. Someone whose husband has had tons of fractures (I think that he has a bad case of diabetes) has told me that I use my crutches as I should, i.e., muscularly. That's a side effect of belly dancing and yoga: trying to do everything muscularly. :p

I feel so useless at times, though.

I have only 2 more weeks without bearing any weight on it. It's going fast! Jeff told me some sobering piece of info... see, he broke his foot a few years back and, based on his experience, he told me that, in the beginning, I will most likely only walk from like the bed to the bathroom and then that'll be enough. :( I hope that it won't be like that for me because I will be off my foot for a bit less long than Jeff was... but I can see how that can be. Of course my foot doesn't feel strong enough right now but the thought of putting weight on it is daunting at best.

I am really looking forward to Gencon. I will unfortunately need to be wheeled around... well, that can be a blessing because that may make it so that the sea of people will open for me. :p

Comments I had received

From Haifa:
Glad to hear that things are going well and healing nicely. You'll be back dancing in no time!

From Phil:
Something's "afoot"Haha, sorry :) Yes, good to hear that the cells are congregating back into where they need to be. Come on, Lilly's has to have some sort of secret experimental cure for that! Agreed, in a wheelchair, you get places.... I was with a group of friends a long time ago, going to Kings Island, and we all got in front of everyone because we were with a girl in a chair. Man, the people that waited in line were pissed, but oh well :) See you Sunday!

From Jon:
Glad it's healing well for you, Celeste! Glad that Carenza was "chair dancing" with you too! ;)

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