Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lowering the pants... - Originally posted 6 May 2008

sounds weird as a title... but relevant to belly dancers. ;)

Last night, Gabi was showing us some belly tricks. So, in order to make sure that we were starting the moves low enough, she was telling us about our uber low abs and what they should be doing and so I finally decided to lower my pants where they really should be as a belly dancer.

The thing is that I prefer to have my pants higher because it makes me look thinner... and when I had more fat on me, it was actually almost necessary as that was a good placement where my pants would sit comfortably yet still flattering for my figure. Well, turns out that I can consider lowering my pants line now. I have to admit that it felt odd having all that skin showing... and it did make me look a bit bigger... but then again you can see certain moves (like belly rolls) oh so much better!

Maybe it's also time for me to consider lower rise jeans... I currently have them all the way to the waist... Hmmm...

The weight has been yo-yoing for a while now but then there was Aruba last November, the Holidays, the blah-ness following the Holidays, my birthday (a weekend of gourmet pizza and chocolate cheesecake!), and the trip to Quebec. I thought, though, that my weight was more stable than it really was... it felt like I was hovering in a +/- 5 lbs fashion but, really, when I did a graph displaying my weight over time, there is a big trend for it going down. So that's great news! I just need to keep pushing through so that I can get below this weight point...

Talking about that, I read in a fitness magazine a while back a theory that we all have certain "sticky points" in our weight... those are your different plateaux... you know, those weights where you just can't seem to get away from... until, one day, it shoots up or down to the next sticky point... So I'm at a sticky point now... that one number has been returning for so many weeks!

But, luckily, this week, I did see a different, lower number. So it's moving on down! It did require me to pay more attention to what I was eating... carbs mainly... that's my downfall, apparently. Oh and I have to watch out for restaurant food, obviously.

Anyway, for those wondering, I'm doing the South Beach Diet. And I love it! Every single recipe that I've tried tastes sooooo yummy. It does not feel like I'm dieting at all... which is awesome!

Comments I had received:
From Carenza:
Ahhh the depancing...remember the first time sarah jo did that to me..I was like omg!! Felt nekky...but now I can't wear normal pants. Feels odd having anything around my "belly". Congrats!! You'll never go back...

From Indigo:
free thy belly
I started bellydancing 10 years ago and my pants / skirts / shorts / everything went straight to the lower hips..... I do not own a single item of clothing that would sit on my waist..... ick...... I love the freedom to let me gut hang..... it's there..... feels great tho all the freedom of movement

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