Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saw the specialist - Originally posted 19 July 2007

I finally saw the specialist today. There are some good news and some bad news.

The good news:
- No surgery needed. Doing the internal happy dance for that one.
- The fracture is a good one. Meaning that it will heal well. Doing the internal happy dance for that one too.

The bad news:
- It's going to be a slow healing period. It's going to take a total of about 2-3 months. I can't put any weight on it for like a month.

Well, at least now I know!

It kind of took me by surprise that it would be such a long healing process but, hey, knowing that it's going to heal well was good news. That means that there will be a number of performances that I will be sidelined for. But I can work on other stuff in the meantime and I can still cheer and coach the troupe.

Comments I had received

From Carenza:
That blows Celeste! Will miss seeing your sassy self dancing at Mayhem. :hugs: Hope you enjoy your break and make up many evil dances to torture BRC with ;)

From me:
I thought that, for Mayhem, I could do a type of "Zombie dance" with crutches and waving my arms around... but then I thought that it might be too freaky even for my dark taste. :p I'll still be there at Mayhem... only watching. I wouldn't miss the debut of my students. And, of course, beautiful BRC dancing! ;)

From Haifa:
Oh no.... but I'm glad to hear that it will heal nicely for you. Take it easy

From Heather:
YAY! Great news - clean break and easy healing! Go you!! :D *does happy dance, limited for not wanting to stand up*....

From Jon:
GLad it's a clean break. Sorry you're out for a few. :( See you tomorrow!

From Gabi:
I'm glad to hear that it will heal cleanly. You have been in my thoughts. :)

From Heather:
*phew* Good to hear there's no surgery and it will heal well:)

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