Saturday, July 10, 2010

Productive weekend - Monday, February 16, 2009

I have this thing where I need to be productive. I took a 'test' to determine my strength and it was listed as one... it's called 'maximizer'. Anyhoo. Sunday morning, I felt like I had not done anything at all but by Sunday evening, I was satisfied with my weekend. Here is what we did:

Went to the anti-Valentine's day party at Melody Inn. Closed the bar. Then went to a diner to get some coffee (well, diet Coke) and some food. Little sleep. Good times, though.

Was a zombie for a portion of the day on Saturday (hence the comment above). We went to the grocery store, though. And then we watched a portion of Max Payne. I went shopping with Kat at Hobby Lobby and World Market. And we went to Greek Islands for late dinner. We were stupid in not getting reservations but it actually worked out very well. Now, Gabi was dancing and so, after she was done, we chatted for a while. Went home way later than I wanted originally but had a blast again. Little sleep again.

Yesterday, I was somewhat of a zombie but it was okay. ;) I cooked a lot, did lots of coffee. I also worked on my blue belt a lot. It's almost done now! I'm really happy with my work on it because I think that it looks very well constructed now that the lining is almost all sewn. I didn't cut corners on this project and it shows. I took my time doing it. I've been wishing it to be done for a while now because I want to work on other pieces (and I vowed not to start anything until it was done or else I would never finish it) but I'm glad that I kept with the plan and did it well. Now I feel like I need to do wrist thingies to go with the outfit because, otherwise, the back of the belt will look a little lost... because I have put some big decorative buttons and had planned to put smaller ones close to it but that ended up making it look like a face. lol So I decided to remove the small decorative buttons and put them on wrist thingies. So the wristlets would basically tie everything together. So... yeah... that blue costume is not entirely finished but getting close to it.

My regrets are:
- we didn't do pilates. Thing is, our eating schedule last night ended up being all messed up so it didn't work out.
- I didn't do belly dance. See above. Of course, I could have danced during the afternoon but I didn't.
- we didn't go to the gym. Because we hadn't slept enough, it would have been hard to go.
- I didn't play Warhammer online. Well, I spent the time on my belt instead. Sometimes, when I play, a project will be nagging me... and I knew that the blue belt project would have been nagging me because I haven't been working on it for a few weeks. So, all in all, it was best that I spent the time on the belt vs. the game.

All things considered, it was still a very productive weekend. I tend to have too many plans for weekends anyway. lol THE most important thing is that we had fun. ;)

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