Saturday, July 10, 2010

Creativity uninterrupted - Saturday, April 17, 2010

I've been working on my piece for Tribal Fest roughly since some time in January. Mostly, I've been working on the concept/message for it. I find that the music is a little daunting because there are many things going on and I had to organize how I wanted to address the music.

There were 2 exercises that I did at 3rd Coast Tribal, one with Rose Harden and one with Ariellah, that were around finding a theme/thread for a piece. One exercise was to write down one color, one emotion, and one memory from the past that the piece makes you think of. The other exercise is simply to write down at least 5 words that the piece makes you think of. These exercises have helped me tremendously for the piece. There were so many directions that I could have taken the piece that I was a little confused for a while... and then when I wrote the words, it was very clear where I wanted to go. Then when I did a translation of what the title of the music was (it's in German), it took the concept further.

And then I even came up with a conceptual name for the piece. I really like it. And I've let it guide me through the development process of the costuming and aesthetics. I did have a moment when I wanted to put on brakes b/c it was steering me towards an all brown costume and a part of me was screaming that I needed to put some black in there somewhere... but that just ain't where it's supposed to go... Jeff gave me some reassurances and, heck, if Jeff thinks that it's fine not to have black (he cringes whenever I wear 'too many colors', which, for him, means that I'm wearing more than one color with my black), then it certainly was fine.

From that point on, I totally let creativity take over. It's been an interesting journey/experiment so far. Now I'll be starting on the actual composition of the piece. I've done some improv to it and have listened to it enough that there are many spots where I know what I want to do or have a few ideas at least. I may even write a little story about the piece... 'cause, again, creativity is driving me this way. It will be a multimedia artistic experiment for me... ;)

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