Saturday, July 10, 2010

gasp, cough, bleh, catching my breath... - Originally posted 10 August 2007

It feels like I ran a freakin' marathon this past month...

So it's been 4 weeks that I broke my foot. Well, not exactly... it will some time after midnight...

I was supposed to take some time off from work but didn't. I was waaaaaaaay too swamped to do that. And I'm that dedicated to my work. I was working on critical documents and didn't have any buffer time. Thankfully, it was *only* my foot that got injured so I could still type. :p

I worked from home the first week. That helped a lot. Especially given that I was taking freakin' Vicodin. At one point, it seemed like it was sucking the brain out of me. I am used to multitasking aplenty but I couldn't under Vicodin! Sheesh!

I got all my projects done at work and, this week, it finally started calming down... but my foot was swollen and weird and stuff. Parvaneh made me realize that I probably had put my foot down (no weight... just hanging down) more than I should have. The crazy high temps don't help the swelling either. :(

You know how much freakin' health stuff there is out there? When I looked for how to take care of my foot, given the swelling, I found all kinds of info that, really, I shouldn't have read so it started to make me freak out that I was not doing a good job with my foot. I'm so lucky to have a friend who happens to be a nurse! Again, thank you, Parvaneh. You set me straight! I know what the hell I am doing! :p

Talking about that, though. Because I had to wait so long before seeing the orthopedist, I developed a sore on the top of my foot and, per the info that I read, it's akin to a bed sore. It is slowly healing. But I'm pissed that I developed that because I was in too tight a bandage for too long... just because the ER and the orthopedist's office don't communicate well, apparently. I'm this close (minimal space between fingers) to just saying "to heck with this orthopedist" and going to see my PCP. See, our PCP also has a specialty in sports medicine... so he could treat my freakin' foot.

I have lost quite a bit of weight... although I haven't hobbled on a scale to determine if it's true and how much... too much trouble for nothin'. Unfortunately, though, I lost weight somewhat all over so it doesn't show... but Jeff is used to seeing all angles of my body and he concurs that I have lost weight. I look a little bit more fit too. But, you know, it's not a bad problem to have, to lose weight all over. I'm not complaining, really.

In 4 days, I will see the orthopedist again and that's when we'll know if I can walk on my foot or not. I hope so. Otherwise, well, I'm really used to crutches now. So I could go longer if I need to. It's just that I'm really more dependent on helpers for lots of things... like I can't carry a glass of water with me... I can't carry a plate of food... but I've been creative at carrying stuff.

Today, I was watching some videos on youtube of ferrets... and I realized one of the things that I had not exactly noticed that I missed: taking care of the ferrets. I can't play with them much because I'm afraid that I will hurt one should I fall, I can't chase them around, teach them tricks, etc. I can hold them when Jeff hands me a ferret or if I grab one from the playpen (even then, I have to be very careful not to get unbalanced). But ferrets don't like to be held for long... and I can't socialize Akasha as much as I'd like to. It was a somewhat bad timing, given that we had gotten the new ferrets so recently. But... they are healthy so they should be around for a long time. I just hope that they know that mommy loves them... especially Akasha. She tried to bite me last week and we think that she was upset that I didn't take care of her as much as I used to. But, this morning, she was listening to my instructions and gave me a kiss.

I, of course, miss dancing. That one had not gone unnoticed. When il Troubadore played Stray Cat Strut at Cocoanut Grove on Sunday, I couldn't help having tears in my eyes. That was my song and I couldn't dance. I danced in my head, of course. And I wiggled a little bit while seated. :p I had to stop listening to music (all kinds of music) for a little bit because all I wanted to do was dance!!!! It's getting a little bit better.

Comments I had received

From Kahlidah:
Encouraging thoughts...I feel for you!!!! (especially that last paragraph) Hang in there, for you will heal soon! That's more than a point of mere's a reality! :o)

From Jon:
everytime we play that song, and the Tunak Tunak, I get a little sad thinking about you not being able to dance. :( We'll have to make it up to you by doing a full set of Voltaire or somethinm eh? :D

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