Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random schtuff - Originally posted 28 November 2006

I will always remember that, when I was doing my Master's degree, we had to move our entire lab (no small feat, lemme tell you) because we had beautiful new space (which was actually already too small for the whole lab... long story). There was this one box packed by my crazy director that was marked "Stuff and things." Talk about non-descript! But, really, when you opened the box, there were just random things together... you know, the small little annoying things that you never know where you should pack them. So that label has stuck with me. lol

Anyway. On to the ramblings of the day.

I forgot to mention a few things about Panama City Beach. One of them is that it was hard for the first few days not to do anything. I am always jumping from one project, one hat, to another. When I am in Quebec, I often end up buying like wool and then do some knitting project or something. I resisted the urge to buy stuff and keep my hands busy. I think that it was a wise decision.

We did end up watching too much tv... but we were often mesmerized by the ocean so we ended up not really watching tv but listening to tv (i.e., listening to what was said while looking at the ocean). So I brushed up on Charmed episodes that I've seen many many times... and I watched all the episodes (so far) from Top Chef, which prompted an urge in me to cook (I didn't actually cook grandiose things while in Panama City Beach but I have plans for the coming weeks... let's see if I do anything)... and there was the Meerkat Manor marathon, which made me cry too many times. I love animals too much!

And we got to see Austin Powers, The Spy who Shagged me and, a day or two later, Goldfinger (the real James Bond thing). There are some James Bond movies that I haven't seen in a long time so I had forgotten. Lemme tell you, though, that watching both Austin Powers and James Bond within a few days of each other is highly entertaining. The two really fuel each other. And I had forgotten details from Goldfinger like the scene, in the beginning, where he kisses this one girl and then she positions him in a certain spot and a guy shows up with a knife yet James Bond sees it in the girl's eyes... which was replicated with added touches in Austin Powers. So when the girl was hit with the knife in Goldfinger and she doesn't die right away, I was yelling at the screen: Why won't you die? (which is what Austin Powers tells the girl because, well, she won't die even though she was hit by a knife, was grilled with shots, and falls off the building. Hilarious stuff.

When we went on the beach to actually go into the ocean, I felt pretty good about myself in that bathing suit. Although my body is not exactly to my liking (yet), I had an attitude of "f*** it" so I resisted the urge to cover up (i.e., wearing a t-shirt and pants to go to the beach). I am quite proud of myself for that.

Last night, I got to teach my continuing class. Boy, I was so happy to be dancing! I guess that taking a full week break from belly dancing was perfect! I'm afraid that I went over stuff a bit too fast. There was lots of information that I wanted to tell them... Sorry!

And then I got to see some of my beautiful tribe sisters (2 were MiA)! I had missed them! We went over some new moves. Saweet! We have a cool plan for what to do next.

Oh and Suri told me that she showed her in-laws (I think that it was her in-laws) the DVD of our performances and they didn't really want to see the Gothic Belly Dance performance (i.e., my performance... no biggie... I don't care) but someone mentioned that, while performing Snake, I had a big, long shadow behind me that looked like a witch. Suri thought that I would like to know that. Of course, I'm thrilled. I looked at the youtube video again this morning and, geez!, she's right! Cool!

Oh and one victory for me: I decided this morning to try on the infamous purple suit that gets me a ton of compliments at work. I couldn't wear it in the past... ahem... many months, because it was too small (or I was too big, take your pick) and, of course, IT FITS! Woohoo!

I think that that's it for today... I'll ramble some more some other time! lol

Addition from me at the time:
Oh and... it was a damn good idea to wear the purple suit... I went to a lunch for a coworker who is leaving our company and I ate relatively reasonably because my suit was already so tight fitting... :o)

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