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To continue on the performer blog... - Thursday, April 2, 2009

Read the previous blog entry first.

(I started editing the blog and then realized that it deserved its own entry. lol)
I think also that, before, I just would not believe that I am a performer and artist... I distinctly remember posting a blog post about me not being an artist... that it was my dad who was one... I can't find it again b/c it's been so long ago. lol

I think that it hit me that I'm a performer when Gabi called me one. I contacted her before having some red streaks in my hair just b/c I wanted to make sure that Greek Islands would be okay with it and her reply (the gist of it) was that, as a performer, I'm expected to be funky. That's when it hit me: yeah, I AM a performer!

I think that my first step, really, was realizing that I'm an artist. That was a while ago. And I have come to embrace it now. Not exactly fully yet, maybe, though. I think that I'm still struggling with the concept, given my day job as a scientist. But I am an artist too. I can say that now.

But being an artist is one thing. Being a performer is a step further... or not necessarily further but another thing. Not all artists are performers. Are all performers artists? That's debatable.
I've noticed that, the more I accept those terms (artist... performer...), the better dancer I end up being and, interestingly, the more my true self comes out to play in whichever style I choose to (aha!) perform at any given time.

I feel like I've been growing by leaps and bounds for a while now. I'm enjoying it. I know that I have yet more growing to do (and have a few avenues already lined up to help me with that). And we'll see where my dance will take me!

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