Saturday, July 10, 2010

Year-end belly dance recap - Friday, November 20, 2009

Well, today is my PM at work so, as I do every year, I'll also do a PM of my belly dance stuff... let's hope that I don't forget anything...

- Ariellah in St. Louis
- Deb Rubin in Chicago
- Jennifer Rose in Columbus
- Tempest in Bloomington IN for Durga Tour
- Asharah in Bloomington IN for Durga Tour
- Zahara at Gothalyptic
- Taletha at Gothalyptic
- Ariellah at Gothalyptic (including a private lesson)
- Mira Betz intensive in Lexington
- Sadie in Chicago
- Faten Munger at Belly Boo Bash
- Leila Gamal at Belly Boo Bash
- Rachel Brice in Lexington
- Mardi Love in Louisville
- Deb Rubin in Indy (brought by us)

That's an interesting list! lol

- Bleeding Hearts Ball in St. Louis (Ariellah workshop)
- Sahira show hosted by Carenza
- Bottoms UP Burlesque Spring show (belly dancing burlesque style)
- Gothalyptic
- Middle Eastern Mayhem
- Hafla Luna
- Belly Boo Bash
- Ooky Spooky Halloween show
- Haflaween
- Unos Bailes Por Dia de Los Muertos (Rachel Brice show in Lexington)
- Va Va Voyeur (burlesque)

From the class side of things, I've added the 'Performance Practicum' classes on Wednesdays. I think that my students do enjoy that.

I've also been dancing at Greek Islands at least once a month... except for September when I had to bow out due to a H1N1 scare.

Oh and I shouldn't forget that I had a my very own personal photoshoot with Indy. I loooooove those pics! I will commission him some new ones soon as I have a some costume ideas that I want to have captured. ;) I have also a ton of great performance pics by other talented photographers as well! :D

Not a bad year, eh?

I already have 3rd Coast Tribal lined up... and maybe Tribal Fest (still a bit on the fence about it; mostly because of not having an infinite amount of money).

Normally, I take a few paragraphs to ponder on the past year and what's yet to come. I don't quite feel like pondering today. ;)

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