Saturday, July 10, 2010

Living guilt-free - Monday, February 16, 2009

When I came back from the Golden Opportunity, I'm pretty sure that I mentioned in my blog how great it was to live guilt-free. The food was great and healthy and I could eat pretty much as much as I wanted to because I was going to spend that energy and more dancing. That memory stayed with me. I've been wondering ever since then how to replicate that while at home.

I have re-started on the South Beach Diet for real with the tools and menus and stuff since last Tuesday. We had been following the SBD principles loosely for a while now. I felt a bit out of control food-wise (heck, we got some blizzards from DQ) and felt like I needed to get a handle on things again. So I decided to invest in ourselves and go back to getting a subscription to to help us. It's easier with the online tools because I can create my menus, print off my recipes, and it even has a shopping list that gets created for you. Pretty nifty.

Well, yesterday, as I was cooking, I realized that I am replicating the guilt-free feeling at home. On SBD, you eat a lot and don't feel too deprived of food. At least that's our experience. Mind you, I felt like a trapped lioness last Tuesday but I knew that it was withdrawal effect from too much food intake lately. But, aside from last Tuesday, I feel like I have more energy and feel 'cleansed'. I also lost 4.25 lbs since last Monday! That's way cool! It shows on my body already!

But, beyond the great feeling of losing weight, the guilt-free feeling is oh so amazing! I don't need to worry about my food intake... it's fine... it's all okay... It's so liberating! I do very much feel like some chains have been severed between me and the fridge. It was a very long and convoluted road to get me to this state of mind. But, boy, is it a nice one!

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