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Knowledge or trinkets? - Originally posted 16 July 2008

Well, that is the gist of a post that Tempest had posted a few months ago… Trinkets fade… knowledge sticks…

When I saw the Golden Opportunity event announced by Ariellah, my first instinct was to think that I did not have the money for it. And then I remembered Tempest’s post (it kind of stuck with me like lots of things that I’ve heard Tempest say or read from her posts). Which got me thinking… it’s 200$ down and then the rest by Nov. 1…

See, I was all set up to order some Melodia pants (my first real pair) and three tops from Black Lotus Clothing but, if I was to give up the Melodia pants and one performance top from Black Lotus Clothing, I could afford the down payment. With my classes doing well these days, with the next two sessions, I can certainly come up with the rest of the money needed.

So, money-wise, it was doable, especially if I was applying the “knowledge over trinkets” principle and shuffled purchases.

Lots of logistic details popped in my head but they were details that could be fixed. So, with that aside, then came the time for the decision of going or not. I was a bit surprised by hearing my stupid little voice (the Censor as they say in “The Artist’s Way”) that was telling me that I’m not worthy enough for this intensive. After consulting my Voice of Reason (aka my husband… and I did that via e-mail because I was too ashamed of that stupid voice), I decided to go for it. I’ve been wanting to do an intensive either in yoga or belly dance for a while now and, heck, this one is a mix of both (yeah, I know… I remember my blog post of last week… but at least this time I know what I’m getting into and I’ve taken workshops with Rachel before and she’s an amazing yoga instructor). PLUS, how often will everything align for Rachel and Ariellah to both be able to do such an event???

So… now… I have to get my a$$ in shape for the intensive if I want to make the most of it. The first hurdle will be to get my ankle to behave… and that will be through more practice and more intense practices. As the lovely Voice of Reason was saying, I will need to put my other projects on hold a little to allow me to fully recover on my ankle side and retrain in basic stuff to get rid of those bad habits that I had started to use to compensate for my weaker ankle… it doesn’t need to be babysat as much. It’s time to go back to the good ‘ole ibuprofen/icing regimen. Also, I will need to drill my a$$ some in order to be able to withstand 18 hours of activity without being *too* exhausted.

As a good synchronicity, my continuing group on Mondays will be consolidated with the Wednesday group until September. I will be selfish and use the room anyway (heck, I’ve paid for the rest of July and have the funds to pay for August) and be able to check myself in those huge mirrors. Also, Kat may be going too, which will alleviate some of my logistic worries… plus it would allow me to have a roommate with whom I’ve shared a room with before. ;)

The stars have aligned… I shall follow them! :p

Comments I had received:
From Hadara:
oh you lucky duck! I was drooling over that intensive today and was doing the math. In no way can I afford to do it which really sucks.. I took her class at Spirit and she is wonderful. I wouldn't worry about your ankle.. your arms are gonna get a serious workout!!

From Jae:
I can afford it tooBut my problem is transportation..... I'm going to think about it some more....

From Anais:
i'll be there, along with my fiance! i totally hear you about kicking my ass into shape!!! i've never taken any workshops with rachel, so i'm not quite sure what all to expect, but i know it will blow my mind! what do you suggest we work on to prepare ourselves?

From Sayra:
Congrats! I think you made the right choice ~

From me:
Good to know! I will work on strengthening my arms. I had a hard time keeping my arms up for the entire Asharah workshop. So, yeah, I need to work on that.

I have my own personal yoga practice so I was going to kick it up a notch and do my long practices (I have short ones too). I may use the Erich Schiffmann DVD to ensure that I'm doing all the moves on there but I'm pretty sure that I am. I have a good private instructor! ;)

I also have the Ariellah DVD and I thought that I would use it to practice on her stuff. I will also be drilling the basic stuff to clean it up... basic like hip lifts, hip drops, chest lifts, chest drops, and all that good stuff. Basically, the stuff that Rachel has on her first DVD.

I've had 3 workshops with Rachel in the past.
The first one was a good 1.5 hour yoga session. Man, I was so spacy afterwards! Yoga sometimes does that to me. Anyway. The afternoon session was drills.
At the second workshop, it was that choreography to Man Man, Engwish Bwood. I couldn't afford the two days for that weekend so that's why I ended up only doing the choreography. Per what some dance friends have said of the previous day, it was drills, only different drills from what I had done at that first workshop.
The third workshop was uber different. It was about modifying moves to basically, with a very small number of moves (like 4), maximize the utilization.

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