Saturday, July 10, 2010

How much dancing can Celeste do? - Originally posted 25 August 2008

So, how much can I dance? Well, I should have known that I'm a tough beyotch when I danced for 3 hours+ at the White Wolf party the previous weekend... but I got another proof this weekend.

On Saturday morning, I danced at the Binford Farmers Market with Stacy. We implemented Gabi's sets principle in that we did 3 pieces and then took a break. That helped pace ourselves better. Kids were mesmerized by Stacy's sword ability, as usual. She did do double sword twice... way to go, girl! It was kick a$$! I discovered that zilling draws a crowd... I also discovered that, with zilling, I don't need to work so hard. lol I can just do some basic moves with the zills and people's jaws drop. lol

I did make a teenager stop dead in his track as he was coming into the market. That was funny. The look he gave me made me think of a boy who notices girls/women for the first time. :p His mom was giggling madly behind him. She gave me the thumbs up. ;)

So, anyway, the market is a gig from 8am-12pm... so that's a lot of dancing... thankfully, we took turns.

I took a 2-hour nap to ensure that I would have enough energy for the evening... and then...

I danced from 7-10 pm at Greek Islands. I did 4 sets total. The first set was slightly odd. The crowd was a bit cold except for this one table where the women were really into it. And I was nervous so that may not have helped. But the waitress/owner said that it didn't show at all that I was nervous and that, even though she knew that it was my first time dancing in a restaurant, she would never have guessed. That was a great compliment.

Starting with the second set, though, it went real well. People were really into it, I started getting tips, I pulled people up to dance and had a blast. The whole evening went by in a blur. It was a whole lotta fun. Can't wait to do it again!

Oh and then yesterday (Sunday), I went to the gym anyway... yeah... I'm a tough beyotch! :p And I'm dancing 3 hours tonight. ;)

Comments I had received:
From Alhena:
I aspire to dance as much as you! Yay, Celeste!

From Carenza:
Yeah!! You made it!! Wearing your pants low, restaurant dancing, what is next?? You keep up all this dancing and you ARE going to blow away!! Congrats~

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