Saturday, July 10, 2010

I must be a masochist! - Originally posted 1 July 2008

So I went to the Gothalyptic mini-festival (a more proper blog on this will follow) and got my a$$ thoroughly kicked... literally... from all angles... my upper body too! :p

So I took Asharah's workshop, which was 3 intense hours. Then, Taletha showed mercy on our souls (or rather our bodies) but it was still 2 good hours. Btw, we figured out how much my foot can take now... I was shifting uncomfortably during Taletha's workshop because I had some pain... pain that I had not felt since like a couple of months ago.

I iced my ankle at the hotel room and the swelling went away. However, when it was time for my performance, my ankle "buckled" some and I couldn't go as high on the ball of my feet as I wanted to. I was quite disappointed by that. I know that I'm the only one who knew (especially since Jeff wasn't in the audience to notice) but I still felt like my body let me down a bit... but I cut it some slack: it had done quite a bit already... and it's not like it was that much of a difference. I tested it in the mirror last night and the difference in height is barely perceptible.

Sunday morning, I was hurting EVERYWHERE! Like a semi truck had run me over... except for the ankle... IT was fine... IT was the only place on my body that felt fine. lol The weirdest part where I was hurting was around my rib cage like on either side of my chest. I think that I really worked that posture better. Posture has got to be THE place where I think that one can always improve and stretch out more. Anyway... I was wondering how the hell I was going to be able to withstand the 3 hours of workshop with Sri Tarasita that day. And, in a cascade of thoughts, I remembered that I was teaching for like 3 hours on Monday and 2 hours on Wednesday and then doing another set of workshops next weekend...

Well, it turns out that the Sunday workshop made all the pain go away. The lactic acid that had built up was displaced and so I was fine. I was also very fine last night. Actually, at 10 minutes before the end of BRC rehearsal, I saw the girls starting to stretch and I was like "Is it time already?" And then, as I was driving back home, I was thinking that I could put on a belly dance DVD that I had borrowed from the library. I did decide to be patient and rest my foot... but, yeah, I'm totally fine this morning... except that I feel an extreme urge to dance again.

Of course, this urge may come from 1) the excitement that I keep with me for a while after a workshop, 2) that these were excellent workshops that prompted me to think of ways to improve my dance, and 3) that it had been 1 full year that I had not attended workshops. Seriously, workshops are the fuel for my dance and they re-motivate me to do more.

Am I nuts? Am I a masochist? I'm planning on putting a DVD on tonight and I will be teaching 2 hours tomorrow, and I will be taking 3 workshops over the weekend only to dance 3 hours again on Monday! And you know what? I love every single minute of it!

Comments I had received:
From Jon:
You're a masochist! :P Glad you're feeling better though, just be careful with the foot. Old injuries never quite go away (as the tendinitis in my arms are always telling me)!

From me:
Yeah, I learned that over the weekend! I mean, I knew that it might happen but yet I was not fully prepared for it. And no worries... the upside of having been a totally non-sportive person in my youth is that I fully know when to quit! lol

From Lisa:
Naw, you're not a masocist, are you? It's a good pain to have, you know, that comes from parts of the body that haven't been used in a while. (except for that rehabbing ankle of yours - take care of that!) I've been to a couple of workshops myself in the past month, and they've really kickstarted my dancing again, and to get my boo-tay in shape! I love it! I know I'm workin' if my muscles are shouting back at me to stop! But it's all for the love of the dance, isn't it? So yes, WE must be masocists!!!! ;-o

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