Saturday, July 10, 2010

Update on the foot - Originally posted 21 September 2007

So I've got some good and some bad news.

The good.
The doc was pleasantly surprised at how much my fracture had healed. There is only one little tiny gray spot on the bone to show where the fracture was. Until he pointed it out on the X-Ray, I couldn't see it. And that means that the boot torture has ended and that I can wear a shoe! Yeah! Believe me, walking with a shoe was funky at first because my sole was not fully flat after all this time in the boot.

The bad.
Well, he said that I can't run. To which I said, "or dance?" He said that I couldn't dance. Well, he precised then that he didn't want me to do repetitive movements on the foot with all my weight on it. And like not do a 5k walk. :p So Jeff thought that there are some moves that I can do where it would be okay for me to do. Given that I know that I can get carried away rather easily when I dance, I will try to do as little as possible to ensure a full recovery. And that means that I will skip dancing at the RenFaire as, again, I might get carried away and do more than move X, walk walk, move Y, walk walk. ;)

Really, the bad isn't that bad... I mean, healthwise, it's all pretty good. It's just that, somehow, in my head, I had thought that removing the boot would coincide with me being able to dance. But, when I saw the little gray slit, yeah, I knew that dancing would not be a good idea. The bone is still fragile and could easily re-break.

However, it's definitely a good thing that I'm walking in shoes as this will help my ankle. The doc confirmed that I had sprained it because he could tell right away when he saw how it was still swollen. I can't do physiotherapy yet because my bone is not fully healed. But he said that walking and, therefore, using my ankle more would be therapy for my ankle in and of itself. And I can already tell that he was right: my ankle feels better already! ;D

Commments I had received

From Jon:
It's amazing how walking on a sprained ankle is so much better than not doing anything with it. I'm so glad your healing up well, and quickly! Don't get carried away now! :D

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