Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good luck this weekend - Originally posted 20 August 2007

So, the past 4 days were spent at Gencon. It was uber fun to see everything from my wheelchair. It was actually a lot of fun being wheeled around. It was interesting too to see who would get out of the way and who would try to climb over me. There were some really nice people... and some not so nice.

Lots of cool stuff was seen. My favorite thing at GenCon is to talk to the developers and they are all excited about their project and all that good stuff. Good times. We met some very interesting people. Lots of folks at Warhammer Online (a future MMORPG) and a few at NC Soft. And there were the guys at Cthulhu Tech who were uber cool and convinced even our friend Bill of how great the game is. So we pre-ordered the book. :D

I was lucky because I won a spot in the beta for Warhammer online. I knew that Jeff really wanted to win this so I was even happier to have won it. I will still play but I'm more happy that I won because he will get to play. :p

I also won a t-shirt from White Wolf. I have luck at Gencon, it seems. I won a cape from City of Heroes for Bill last year. And I won an autographed Rifts book the previous year! I win geeky stuff but that's all good because that's really what I want to win. :p

We bought tons of stuff at GenCon too:
- 2 molds to create makings/decor for miniatures. Like this: Please feel free to browse the other projects! :p
- 2 CDs by Nox Arcana (Necronomicon and Carnival of Lost Souls)
- 2 t-shirts for Jeff and 1 tank top for me
- A total of 3 skulls in raku ceramic (raku is a specific ceramic and technique): one large that has some red on it so it looks like there is still flesh on it; one small that looks like it is frozen in a horrific face; and one tiny one that is bronze-like. If you've ever been to our house, you have seen the other skulls that we bought last year. Same artist. Love his work.
- 2 anthologies: one for Warhammer Fantasy and the other for Warhammer 40k
- Miniatures for Confrontation (a miniatures game)
- "Normal" miniatures for RPGs
- A print of a painting by LA Williams with Ruth Thompson. It's titled "Lucifer Standing" ;)
- A book made out of resin by an artist... looks like a Cthulhian book. Niiiiiiiiice

I think that I'm forgetting something...

Comments I had received

From Haifa:
What fun! Sounds as if you guys had a great time! One of our friends attends Gencon just about every year and always comes back with goodies to try out on us (our rping group that is). I doubt that Ken and I will ever get to Gencon... but there is a new smaller convention happening in Scranton that were going to attend. Nepa-con. Hehehe.

From Jon:
If I ever started one of those online RPGs I would probably never leave the computer! :P We need to learn some Klingon Opera...

From Parvaneh:
OMG! Dancing to Klingon Opera! Makes my head hurt to think about it.

From Jon:
I once threatened a friend of mine who's studying with Badriya that if we learned some Klingon belly dance music, she would have to dance with us... :P

From Molly:
sounds like you had a blast! once your healed we'll have to get on Il T about that opera, sounds fun!

From me:
Haifa, It would be so cool if you and your hubby could come to GenCon! It's definitely loaded with fun! :p Jon, Yes, online RPGs are addictive. There were instances when I had to pull away from the computer to do some sewing for some belly dance stuff. :p Jon, Parvaneh, and Molly, A Klingon opera/dancing performance sounds way cool. We may have to create a dance and music collective for that! :p AND we could present it during GenCon, amongst places. :p

From Kat:
That resin book - Catalyst Studios? I know her stuff! You should see the skull parasols she makes - incredible!

From me:
nope, it was a guy...

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