Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Mira Betz intensive experience - Originally posted 5 August 2009

Most of you know that I just came back from the Mira Betz intensive. It was simply amazing! We had a great group of very supportive dancers! I really liked that it was a small number of pariticipants as it made the whole experience much less intimidating and that made it so that Mira had enough time to work with each of us (if we so chose) on our issues that we were dealing with in our dance.

xThis wasn't a workshop on technique... it was on performance quality and how to elevate your dancing to a higher artistic level. It totally did that for me. There was such a progresssion in all of us from Day 1 to Day 5! I can't wait to see how it will have affected us all in the long run because there simply was too much material to fully assimilate it all in 5 days. But that's not a bad thing at all: I am left with a great number of tools and insights that I can use.

I reflected yesterday that one of the very cool things about the whole experience is that not once has Mira told us what to do... she views her role in the intensive as a guide on your personal journey to creativity and artistry... and, yes, she did that. She never once told me that I should do XX or YY. Mind you, none of my mentors do that either but I was half expecting her to tell us things to do... she very much just guided us... and that was truly appreciated. I know that I'll be forging my own path.

The exercises were also very well designed to make us experience certain concepts that we could then apply to our dance albeit in a different format. I think that the biggest one for me was that she got me to communicate emotions in my dance in, basically, a few hours. And she got me to a point where I can do it on a dime too! She also gave me some tips and tricks to get over my stage fright and, essentially, get over myself (or should I spell it 'my self?'). I took some risks... they paid off... and now I'm ready to show off my stuff...

Btw, the thing that they don't tell you in the brochure is how hard coming back to real life is... bleh! And I already miss all the participants! *sigh* Can't wait for our paths to cross again!

Comments I had received:
From Sara Beaman: I was totally in awe of how open Mira was with her own process without ever forcing it on any of us. She is awesome. It was awesome. You all were awesome. Unfortunately, right now I am going through serious withdrawal and it TOTALLY SUCKS. ;_;

From Danielle: You summed this up so well (especially coming back to the real world... ugh). I can't wait to hear how everyone progresses!

From Nari: She should change Mira Mania to Mira Magic. I miss everyone already. I feel like I have all these sisters (and a brother!) who I can't see every day. Poo. :(

From Emerald Hips: I know. Me too. I've still been in the abstractness of my own head all week at work. Just staring off with lovely images of flocking...

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