Saturday, July 10, 2010

When the Universe speaks, I listen... - Originally posted on 28 August 2009

Well, "Universe"... "Fate"... callitwhacchawant. I've been nudged increasingly further along a certain path by events that end up working out perfectly because I see certain signs and I follow them.

In July 2008, I took workshops with Mira Betz, Liz Strong, and Zoe Jakes. In her workshop, Mira was talking about her performance intensive. I was intrigued but felt like I was not ready for it.

Shortly afterwards, Ariellah announced the 'Golden Opportunity' intensive, which was right up my alley. In a heartbeat, that night, I reserved my spot for it. I had 3 blissful yet hard days of work with Rachel in the morning and Ariellah in the afternoon. Met lots of great people in my venture to this great event. And I got me another mentor in the process: Ariellah. (I consider that Tempest was already a mentor as she dutifully replies to my angsty blogs. lol)

After this lovely opportunity, which was more around technique than performance quality, although we did touch on that in the last day with Ariellah, I felt like I was ready for the Mira Betz intensive. Well, lo and behold, there was an announcement that it was going to be hedl in my (virtual) backyard, in Lexington KY. Again, I signed up in a heartbeat. Again, I met a group of fabulous dancers who have changed my art and I count myself so lucky to have been able to have done this great opporutnity.

However, this little dancer with some darkness inside her still feels some struggle to let the darkness out. I guess that mostly I'm not sure what MY darkness is. Anyway. I was questioning myself on that when Tempest announced that she will be doing a performance workshop around halloween time. So, yeah, I'm going to that too. Hubby and I are really looking forward to that trip.

(edit from original post... 'cause I almost had forgotten about this until I remembered that I will see Matt in October)
Rachel announced that she was going to be teaching a master class series in Washington DC in September. The topics are indeed around performance again. I wanted to take the workshops but it ended up not working out as I had already registered for another workshop that weekend (getting my cabaret fix with Sadie). Turns out that, again, MECCA comes my rescue: they will be hosting Rachel in October and she will be teaching that master series on performance. I'm going to take it, of course!

Today, I wrote a rant about my styling crisis. Well, Rose Harden has a workshop on that at 3rd Coast Tribal. I've been wanting to do that event for a couple of years and started considering making the trip (and that would make me see some of my newly found dance friends from the Mira Betz intensive; shout out to Nari here). Well and in the meantime between the Golden Opportunity and the Mira Betz intensive, I've been pestering Ariellah with tons of questions on dark performances. She said that there are 2 workshops that she's teaching that she says I should take and they would answer my questions real well. So when I looked at the 3rd Coast Tribal lineup, she's actually teaching those two workshops... Alas, one of them was sold out...


that I went on tribe today and someone was selling her spot for that sold out workshop!!!! That's another sign. I'm listening.

Hubby and I have 'themed' the last few years of my dance life:
July 2007-July 2008: the year of the recovery (broke foot and it took forever to recover from it)
July 2008-July 2009: the year of the technique (I took lots of technical workshop)and it looks very much like...
July 2009-July 2010 (or at least 'til Jan 2010): the year of the performance quality

I was joking with hubby, "So what will be the following year?" His reply was "The year of the performance." (as in actually performing instead of practicing performing, yanno... lol)

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