Saturday, July 10, 2010

One year already! - Originally posted 13 July 2008

So, some time after midnight tonight, will be the one-year anniversary of me breaking my foot. Can you believe that I'm not back at 100% yet? I'm getting close, though. I estimate that I am at about 98% back. This was an interesting experience that changed quite a few things in my life.

Like it made me appreciate pain (or lack thereof) a bit better. My sincerest sympathies to those who live with chronic pain!

I don't take any body part for granted. I need them all!

With the use of crutches, I lost quite a bit of weight and then gained it all back when I was crutches free yet could not move around all too much. That all kicked my butt to try losing weight for real again. And, man, have I had good results!

With the exhaustion from crutches, fighting the pain, fighting for balance, fighting against the swelling, and pushing through so much, it made me learn of what I made of... and this girl is one tough beyotch!

One unexpected lesson was that I had the opportunity to see the dance again somewhat as an outsider. I got to see my tribe sisters "from the outside of the dance." Boy, are they gorgeous!

Here's to not breaking anything else any time soon (but, given my day job, breaking a foot was the best limb to break, as weird as it sounds) and getting back to 100%... AND MORE! ;)

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