Saturday, July 10, 2010

First design drawing - Originally posted 30 April 2007

So I had a good idea of what costume I wanted to do for the Red Tour. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about clothing design and things like that. Anyway, even though I knew what the costume was going to be, I still decided to draw it out.

So I used the dance figures from the workbook by Dawn Devine Brown titled Bedlah, Baubles, and Beads, and I copied them over in pencil on a white sheet of paper, and then I drew the costume on top of the dance figure. Then, I even pushed it a step further and painted the design with the proper colors (trying to match the colors to my fabric colors… man, that was hard).

Oh and I changed the silhouettes a little bit to account for my bigger frame. I didn’t go overboard, though. I just made them with a little less waist than they did because my waist doesn’t have as much difference between the hips as the figures did. I just didn’t want myself to be disappointed because the look would be slightly different…


OMG! It is so cool! I already had a picture in my head of what it was going to look like but now, I have an even clearer idea. And I bet that this is going to prevent me from getting the usual doubts that I do. I don’t know why but, often, I change my mind about something because I’m not sure that it’s going to be as cool as I first thought… but I’m not even done with the project! Anyway, now, I have a picture to look at to remind myself that, yes, it looks cool.

And, just for the heck of it, there were 2 dance figures so I drew the costume on twice, changing the pants because I didn’t know if I was going to wear my red harem pants or my flary pants. When I applied the color, it made it real clear which look I preferred: the flary pants win… the contrast is really cool. Whereas the harem pants were going to make the whole costume too red for what I had in mind, the black flary pants will provide a better contrast and, actually, make it so that the bra, belt, and short skirt will pop out more (which obviously is my intent).

I will take a pic when the costume is all done and I will put it next to the drawing to see how close I came!

So, hmmm, it’s very likely that I will draw out my ideas, even if I think I have it clear in my mind. lol

Comments I had received

From Tempest:
very cool! :)

From me:
*wave at Tempest* Ooh, the bra and the belt are of the corset kind based on your patterns, my dear! :o)

From me:
Oh and, I am not good at drawing normally but, hey, drawing the design was not that hard as I knew how the fabric would drape. Bottom line, if I could do it, pretty much anybody can! ;op

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