Saturday, July 10, 2010

What I'm up to - Originally posted 1 August 2008

So lots of stuff is going on with me.

I'm still directing Black Rose Caravan. Gotta be one of the "funnest" thing to do. I love our collaborative spirit. We're actually thinking of changing our description to "dance collective" as opposed to "troupe" because it reflects better how we operate. I'm only directing in the sense that I help lead discussions and bring some ideas forth but it's really a big mish mash of everyone's input.

I'm still teaching. Still love it. I think that I get as much from it as I give so it's a very sweet deal.

During Gencon, if the deal ends up being settled between "my guy" and the White Wolf guys, I will be a cage dancer during the White Wolf party. I figured that I would dance anyway so I might as well get paid for it. AND it ensures that I have a spot to dance as opposed to a full dance floor.

My first night dancing at Greek Islands will be on Aug. 23. Really looking forward to it. I'm a little nervous 'cause I want to do a good job... it's just the good nervousness because I care. I really like the place and the people so I want to do a good job for them all (and for personal satisfaction, of course).

I will be performing in the show during the Artemis Mourat weekend. No idea yet what I will do... but I know that I will come up with something... No idea which genre I'm going to be doing either.

Oct. 4-5 is our annual big event, the Fishers RenFaire. I'm crossing my fingers and praying all deities that it won't be as hot as last year but that it will still be pleasant weather.

The following week, I will be participating in a walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma foundation... I will give more details about this soon.

Nov. 1 is our first (hopefully annual) workshop where we will host both Sharon and Renee from inFusion. Good times in perspective.

We'll be at the International Festival at the end of November.

And then I'll be doing the Golden Opportunity in CA in early December with my chica Kat. Grrrl time in Wine Country with 2 amazing instructors. What a treat!

So, yeah, my schedule is booking fast!

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