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Recycling - Thursday, October 16, 2008

I purchased this great Egyptian bead fringe a while back to make a bedlah set with it. I've been toying with some ideas in terms of color schemes and overall costume ideas to go with it. While searching for some fabric from my stash for something else, I stumbled upon one of my first belly dance costume (actually, my first 'real' one) that had been done by a friend who is a seamstress. The color matches sufficiently closely that fringe that I had bought so I thought that I could salvage the fabric and make a new outfit with it. I was quite excited about the idea.

After watching two episodes of Shimmy on Fit TV, I thought that I'd like to have a slit skirt like they did only not slit as high because I don't want to show that much leg (mainly because my thighs are *the* place where I have the most weight to still love from). I remembered that said first costume had some slits in the skirt but that they were not too high. I decided to try on the skirt and, lo and behold, it fits!!!! And the slits show just enough leg! And the skirt is full enough that I can do some (mild) skirtwork!

Therefore, instead of just salvaging the fabric, I will actually keep the skirt mostly intact. I will embellish the belt area to add the Egyptian fringe to the lower part of the belt and put some additional decorations. The belt may also be shortened in height because I now wear my costumes lower... but I have gained back some weight (only a few pounds) so I want to wait and see what my body will look like before making any changes to the skirt.

The top won't ever fit me again, I think. 1) My rib cage is bigger by many inches; and 2) I have more boobage. So I will salvage *that* fabric to make a decorated bra with matching Egyptian fringe.

I think that it's so cool that my first costume is getting a second life!

Oh and that costume was made as I was transitioning from a girl trying to fit in to my goth aesthetics. So it's lilac and green/grey. It's probably the palest costume that I will have worn at the restaurant so far! lol I know that Stacy may try to beat that outfit out of me one of these days. :p

I will need to find out a way to put a smidge of black in there, though... that's my thing... even though I may wear a costume that's definitely not all black, there is always at least a smidge of black somewhere. ;)

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