Saturday, July 10, 2010

I like what I see - Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So, last night was another good class and rehearsal. Well, for the class, only one girl showed up when there were supposed to be two but, hey, that's okay. Lisa got a private class. lol We caught up with stuff that I showed last week when she wasn't there.

For the troupe side of things, only Lynn and Chy showed up, which was fine, because we drilled a bunch of combos. I think that I will create a new tribal torture exercise so that they will drill the new movements that we learned. I found the perfect piece for it too when I put the iPod on "random" and some Hossam Ramzy piece played and had a nice rhythm to be able to do all those moves. So, yeah, I will create that. ;)

It was again uber interesting for me to watch myself dance. My body is still changing. I really like what I saw last night. Usually, I'm disappointed in moves because they don't look nearly as good as I think they will because my actual body is not in sync with the body that I have in mind. Well, last night, the moves actually looked better than what I had in mind. lol That's good news! ;)

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