Saturday, July 10, 2010

Setback and still recovering... - Originally posted 14 Feb 2008

As much as I hate to admit it, I had a setback probably prompted by me forgetting that I'm still recovering from that stupid injury. The setback happened that Wednesday when I overdid it. You can look at a few blogs back to see what had happened.

The BRC gals were so funny (well, Moolana especially) when they declared that my ankle did not really belong to me but to the troupe: if it's suffering, the troupe is suffering. lol I hadn't thought about that. That definitely prompted me to be more careful. Well, that and actual pain. lol

At first, I was reluctant to admit that 1) I had had a setback, 2) that I'm still recovering, which means that 3) my ankle still needs some TLC time. Darn! As Parvaneh accurately pointed out, it's kind of hard right now because it feels like it should be fine, yanno? It's sometimes hard to remember that I still have to take it slow and listen to my body...

Only... there is also the issue of me sometimes being a wuss so I have to be careful also not to wuss out under the pretense of taking care of the ankle. So it's a fine line that I have to walk... it's not so fine but I don't want to cross the line towards having a bigger setback.

So, after finally swallowing the pill and admitting to myself that I still need to be careful, I've been monitoring my ankle better and, after being prompted numerous times by dear hubby, I started icing the ankle again and taping it again when I dance. Well, that's working wonders.

I hate dancing in shoes... especially at home on the carpeting. I may think about wearing some other shoes when practicing at home. Thing is, I can't spin on the carpet with the shoes and me likes to spin.

But I noticed that, today, as I had to run around the office to gather signatures, get documents to people, etc., that I was at full speed... no limp... no pain... no tightness... full speed... I can't run around the office faster without actually breaking into a run... so that's a good sign! AND I ended up having an intense drilling session last night thanks to Asharah's DVD (love it, btw) and some improv that had my ankle throbbing slightly at the end of it... I had iced it for the full 15 minutes (I hate icing for that long because it almost hurts... I mean, it feels odd).

So, yeah, ankle needs to still be babysat a little. And doing that will probably make it so that I will recover more quickly and stronger. I just gotta be patient.

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