Saturday, July 10, 2010

Multitasking - mixing belly dance and work... - Originally posted on 25 August 2009

Okay, not really dancing in my cube, although people would be interested, I'm sure. No, I've doing something a lot lately: listening to certain pieces of music (upcoming performances) back to back... So, anyway, I listen to each back to back for like 1 hour and I do that while working since my work involves lots of quality time in front of a computer screen.

Hearing a music for that much helps notice some patterns that are not necessarily as easy to notice as you're doing some improv or choreographing to it. The advantage of doing it while doing something else (in this case work) is that I'm not really paying that much attention to the piece.

Why is it useful? Isn't that counterintuitive? Well, for me, if I pay too much attention to the piece, I notice the topmost layers but don't hear the subtleties whereas they will jump at me if I don't pay too much attention. It may just be me...

Like this one piece, I had noticed that there were some patterns when I was doing some improv on it but couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. Well, turns out that there is a progression where, in the beginning, the music seems slow b/c it's somewhat 'empty' as many instruments are in synch. As the music progresses, certain instruments become less in synch so the music seems increasingly 'fuller' and increasingly more intense, giving the impression that it speeds up, although it really doesn't... that is, until the tail end. So that's useful info on how to gear my dance... :D

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