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Goth labels and Hot Topic - Originally posted 15 December 2006

Okay. I maybe have had a case of "foot in the mouth" yesterday on the GBD tribe: I think that it may have come across as if I was trying to label people into subgenres of goth... which I wasn't. So I'm stepping on a soap box now for some goth things.

Labels. Who cares? Really? I don't mind whether I'm whatever goth. I think that it's funny to categorize subgenres.

But, in my case, the labels from the Voltaire book helped me. Bear with me here. I am naturally attracted by fairies and little girl things, provided that they are in suitable colors that I like. ;o) So I used to veer away from them because, since I was always frustrated by how not goth enough I looked, I thought that they would worsen my situation... and then I saw the "Candy Goth" label in Voltaire's book, which actually freed me to be me. I know that it was silly on my part but, like, there were some people that I knew that always looked instantaneously goth, whatever they would be wearing but they would never wear fairies...

Anyway, all this to say that, once I started wearing the stupid little fairy shirts and other girly things, I somehow started developing a stronger version of what I call the "goth gene." The "goth gene" is what I refer to when I think that my look is cool and goth enough for me.. then I say that the goth gene was with me. It used to be off a little. ;op

And since then, too, I've noticed that there are other things that I really like and that I would like to wear eventually, like some cyber-goth things, for example.

Really, the purpose of the subgenres, imho, can serve as a type of focus. Say, you like renaissance/medieval look and other things like that, well, that can be romanti-goth. Gives you an idea of what that is... and it evokes a certain concept. And you can go from there if you want to.

I certainly do not believe that people should be put into a label bucket and stay exactly there. But, to me, these labels help me focus my look of the day into a more complete package. But that's just me and everyone else can well damn do whatever the f*** they want.

Now on to the hot topic of Hot Topic. Lots of people hate them. It's the "Wal-Mart" of goth. Well, you know what, sometimes I don't have time to sew all that I want to sew and don't have the budget to invest into pretty little unique pieces that I would love to own... so Hot Topic serves me well in providing me a cheaper alternative so that I can still look cool. And, actually, some of my best pieces come from Hot Topic. There is a certain web fishnet top that everyone just looooooooooooves and fits me so well. There are other way hot items that I've gotten there and most people would probably not have guessed. So, yes, I use Hot Topic. Stake me! ;op

Sure, though, your experience will be tainted by teenagers who think that they are gothier than thou... but teenagers tend to think that they are "more than thou" anyway to begin with. Quite frankly, it gives me a good chuckle every time because they are so over the top!

Stepping off the soapbox.

Comments I had received

From Tempest:
the louder someone bitches publically about Hot Topic, the higher the chances are that they actually do shop there :) I despise malls to no end (especially this time of year), but there's always something fun on the 50% off rack ;) (like teenagers actually know what's cool lol - they leave the best stuff! ). The same pants by Tripp you can find at Trash and Vaudeville at St. Mark's Place in NYC, Hot Topic has. Sometimes it's a cheaper version (less buckles or whatever) put out by the same company, but the fit and the quality is pretty much the same---the pair I bought at HT and the pair I got in NYC wear identically

From Tammy:
I didn't mind your comment on the GBD tribe... i got what you were trying to say. And because of this "Candy Goth" title you talked about I really think I need to pick up that book! I think it's important for all of us to stay true to ourself, whatever that may be, to become the best dancer that we can be!

From Obsidia:
Darlin Don't fret labels/no labels, whatevah..... I like to jokingly say I'm "eclectic Goth"-I own tons of various Goth related item and I mix and match with no rhyme or that suits me JUST fine... I mean, I am obsessed with the 20s, the Victorian era and old carnivalle/sideshow stuff AS WELL AS faeries, vampires, cyber/industrial goth stuff, Underworld, etc etc.... Go with what the dark bits of your soul say. As to Hot Topic, I shop there. My 8 year old LOVES the place. The manager always throws on DropKick Murphies when I walk in to freak out the kiddies (we get a lit-tle chortle out of it). I always find fun pieces for my wardrobe/costumes and yup, like Tempest said I can find a LOT of things that I would buy elsewhere a bit cheaper. So go on with yer dark self, being a Candy Goth if it suits you and shoppin at Hot Topic...and be sure to raise a delicate brow at anyone who tries to say you "aren't Goth enough"

From me:
Actually, the brow that I should raise regarding "not goth enough" should be at myself: I am my own worst critic. I dare say that people see me "gothier" than I feel, if that makes sense. ;op I was very glad to read once that it's typical of a lot of goths to never be satisfied with one's look. lol It's as if I need reassurance/positive reinforcement for everything when, really, I AM gothier than I think I am. Big hugs to everyone!

From Fajera:
Okay, I know I am late to the game on this one... BUT! Coming from someone who had to put away a LOT of her goth accountrement in order to get a good job in a small town.... I've become a small town mom Goth, and have had to wear mine inside more than out. This is especially hard for me, when I want badly to be able to wear Tripps and Docs and other stuff... But, just can't justify the expense for stuff I can't also wear to the office.. We label out of human habit.. and most of it is with little or no intent to insult. It really just gives us more accurate and personal descriptors of things and people. Most of us, were Goth before Goth had a name.. I was a loner, a wolf, a freak or a squid before someone finally tagged Goth on me sometime in High School, but before the Trench Coat Mafia. As far as HT goes... I have a preteen kid. Who shops there... rarely for the music, and almost always for the junk. Which means, she is always leaving behind the cool stuff. I mean really... Who else can appreciate that non edged cotton patch with the misfits on it? Geesh. I shop there, but almost never for me... and their Torrid stores are what.... a hipper version of Lane Bryant.... puhlease. Anywise... I never saw anything wrong with what you wrote... I think most of us OG now, that have jobs and lives and aren't all about what end of the Scene we're in, can be labled now as " Whatever Goth" or " Too Old to Give a Rats tail Goth".

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