Saturday, July 10, 2010

Overwhelmed - Sunday, November 8, 2009

My brain is often bombarded with ideas for belly dance... mind you, I don't know if I should have written this in the active or passive form... is my brain doing the bombarding or is it being bombarded? Anywhoo...

I have lots of ideas and it can be overwhelming. Workshops typically make this an even more acute 'problem'. Given that I go to workshops a lot, it happens a lot. I know that I will have to prioritize as to what I'll do first and whatnot but it's not always easy to decide! :s
Also, it feels like some of my personal style is starting to gel and come out more so I have that added variable to play with. Right now, it's at the state where it's both helping and hindering. I know that, as things gel even more, it's going to move into the very helping side of things... but it's not there yet.


Thankfully, belly dance activities are slowing down for me with the approaching Holidays. Well, I don't know yet if it's a blessing or a curse. ;) I a lot of overthinking so having more time to think may not be a good thing. We'll see. :p

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