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Fishers RennFaire 2009 - Originally posted on 5 October 2009

The Faire has come and gone yet again. Time flies!

We set up the yurt on Friday evening. It took a long time due to some overthinking on how to set it up (we kind of had forgotten not to overthink the process) and a few other glitches including a dying drill and things like that. The good news is that it should go much faster next year! :D The yurt was indeed better than last year... and less shiny. We still somewhat fondly call it the big marshmallow.

Saturday was collllllllllllllllllllllllldddddddddddddddddddd! OMG! There was hardly anyone at our first show but that could have happened whatever the weather. We do call it the 'dress rehearsal'. lol Our biggest show on Saturday was the 2 pm one. The 5 pm one was deserted except for some of our (truly) die hard fans. After the joust, nearly all patrons left in a hurry.

Sunday was much better weather-wise. There were also a lot more people overall.

The troupe did very well. There were a few glitches, of course... no one is perfect. ;) The biggest glitch had to be the stupid wind that made it so that the girls could not put their swords on their heads at all... so disappointing! The girls are amazing with swords! (Not me... I'm still challenged with that as I focused my energies elsewhere in my dance. ;))

il Troubadore played great music for us. We love that partnership. Loads of fun!

Unfortunately, Amirah's body was not happy with her yesterday so she couldn't dance for the il Troubadore set as much as she wanted to. So we filled in. It was so cool to see my tribe sisters do solos! They can solo but don't do it nearly enough to my taste. ;)

il Troubadore's last set saw them reverting back to their 'normal' name... i.e., Indy's 16th Century Rock Band... so they wowed the crowd with their prowess in modifying modern songs. And we took turns dancing to them. They drew more people with that than other sets. lol

Food-wise at the faire, the kettle chips were uber yummy. They ran out of potatoes by Sunday afternoon and Kate said that she had seen them come back from the parking lot on Saturday afternoon with a trolley full of potatoe bags and the guy behind was carrrying as many as he could. There was also one vendor who had some shepherd's pie... with melted cheese on it.

I ended up buying an amazing black skirt with shisha mirrors and a fuschia velvet band at the bottom for a VERY good price. I wore it for 2 of the shows on Sunday. I'm madly in love with that skirt. The weight makes it fly real good during spins.

Tearing down the yurt was MUCH faster... it always is. We had a lot of busy bees to help us. ;)

There was also lots of celebrating/drinking/eating... Saturday night, we went to BW3 after the faire... and we went to Nickel Plate last night... and we're going to Cancun's tonight. OPA!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us! We really appreciate it!

Comments I had received
From Kat Lebo: So glad the weather was good for you yesterday -- sunny, warm, but not to warm for performing in the sun! It was deplorable on Saturday. Two days of that would have been agony!!

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