Saturday, July 10, 2010

So bummed! - Originally posted on 23 September 2009

Last Sunday, during the drum solo workshop, I ended up weakening my ankle b/c we were doing so many quick shift of diagonal angles. I stopped dancing before the end of the workshop to ensure that I was not overdoing it but it was clear that it didn't like the twisting motion at all.

Then, on Monday, for no reason whatsoever, I twisted my ankle while walking in a hallway at work. I mean, there was no obstacle that had made me trip and my heels were not that high (about 1.5")... but I do that every now and then and have no issues. My ankles are VERY flexible. That's actually why I broke the bone in my foot in the first place.

Last night, I was dancing to my piece for this weekend and my ankle started throbbing. I put some ice on it and it helped. A little later, I danced again and the ankle was behaving better during the dancing but felt odd afterwards. I taped the ankle and it helped tons: swelling was going down b/c of the pressure.

This morning, the ankle is throbbing again and stiff and is painful. I'm soooooooooo bummed. It was going so well! As Jeff pointed out, of course this ankle is going to remain more fragile. Bleh!But students and tribe sisters, don't despair... my ankle is not so bad that I can't dance or teach. Thankfully, tonight is a light night of dance as I will be teaching my first class in the beginners session, which consists of very basic isolations after some sbiel about different styles of dance; then it's the first class of the veil session, which consists of talking about different styles of veils and fabrics and then how to hold the veil and start playing with it; and, in the performance practicum, I was planning on talking about costuming, which is going to be mostly like an oral presentation. So I will be able to rest some, although I need to practice my piece for this weekend in front of the big mirrors.

I may take it easy at the workshops this weekend, though... Anyway, I'll take care of that damn ankle and it's going to be fine. It's just a bummer that it happened...

Comments I had received
From Chy: That sucks! I hope you are okay :)

From Amber Scott: hope it gets better! i know u always have a ton of stuff going on.

From me: Yeah, I'll be fine. I've worked through that type of pain when I was recovering from the fracture. It requires a regimen of ibuprofen and icing the ankle and refraining from doing crazy stuff. On a scale of 0-10 of pain with 0 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain that I've ever felt, I'd rate my pain at about a 3... so it's really not that bad. ;)

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