Saturday, July 10, 2010

New owner - Originally posted 29 August 2008

There was this stray cat that was hanging on our front porch for like a week after I "rescued" it from our neighbor's front porch where it had gotten stuck on the top of a column. Well, after a week of that stray cat strut (:p; couldn't help putting this in) and me not reacting too much, we decided to adopt the stray. So Jeff and I are now owned by a lovely black female kitten (she's only 10 weeks old!) named Halloween. I'll take pics soon...

We brought her inside yesterday after Jen had taken her to the vet. Jen was trying to find her a home and figured that, obviously, if a cat has had the required shots and been cleared by a vet, then it would make it more appealing to potential adopters. So, yeah, the kitten has fleas but is otherwise healthy. She's super sweet and has super soft hair.

She currently is separated from the ferrets due to the fleas treatment and also because we want to have the interaction be under supervision for a while... and we're leaving for Quebec City today... bad timing... :( Oh well... she's still better in our house than outside.

She did not quite understand what the litter box was for and did her business on the carpet in the room that she is confined in (the guest bedroom) but I picked up the poop, put it in the litter, asked her to come see me (she does come when you call her), and I showed her that this is where stuff was supposed to be in and I covered it with litter. And she has started to use the litter since that time! That's one of the reasons why I love cats so much! :p

Comments I had received:
From Lisa:
Now that Halloween has a home, you know what she's saying to you??? "SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They fell for the cute kitten thing! Silly humans! But yay! I have a home, three squares a day and plenty of friends to play with!" Congrats on your new addition to the family!

From Jen:
spoiled alreadyI went to petsmart with Isa and Jeff after returning from the vet. I can say that this kitten will be the most spoiled cat ever lol. It found exactly what it was looking for. Grats on the new babby Isa. I knew you had fallen in love ;-)

From Lynn:
I can't wait to meet Halloween! Mike says she's very cute.

From Amirah:
congrats on the new furry friend! Strays are really the best, they're so sweet! Hooray for Kitties!! :)

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