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And the MVP award goes to! - Originally posted 8 July 2007

*drum roll*

The serger! Thanks to the serger, it made my Red Tour costume project go much faster.

Remember when I said that, for once, I drew out my idea? (Read some blogs past to know what I'm talking about) Well, the pic is a side by side of the original idea and the final result at the actual Red Tour.

Pretty good, eh?

So I decided to give up the idea of the arm thingies. I did the cuffs and then I tried them on my arms and I couldn't make them stay on my arms. That was like last Wednesday or Thursday. Anyway, given that it was down to the wire like that and that I thought that they didn't add that much to the whole look and that it would take me some time (that I could spend practicing) to figure out how to make them work, I decided to let go of the idea.

I had planned on doing buns for my hair but, yesterday, when I did my hair in braids (which I sometimes do before doing buns as it helps control unruly hair), I thought that it looked damn cute with just the high braids so I kept that. At the end of the night, though, one braid was lower than the other so I ended up looking like a sad bunny. lol

The Red Tour showcased some pretty good talent...

il Troubadore's version of Hot Hot Hot by The Cure was uber amazingly fun. I'm happy that they will keep it on rotation... I will be able to rock it again! :p And maybe do a better job at it!

The veil piece went well... especially given that I had a clear concept for it. As some of you know, the concept was honoring my little ferret's life (and death) by my dancing. It helped give me some ideas when I was practicing. Like a lot of the twirling was in honor of the "war dance" (if you own a ferret, you know what I mean), when I had the veil on my arms, it somewhat looked like a shroud that I was presenting... I about lost it a few times in grief, though. Especially before the piece. There were a few glitches where the stupid veil stayed twisted. Of course, when I had practiced, it had never done that. :(

That veil was uber fun to work with because it was heavier and I liked what it looked like for the moves. The whooshing sound was also very cool. hehehe.

So, for once, everything gelled and, heck, I got more compliments on that costume than any other that I've ever worn.

Oh and people kept wondering about my makeup and how I did it and stuff like that. Well, kudos go to Kat who taught me well how to do stage makeup with all the shading, highlighting, etc. She also taught me how to go bold with eye color and have good contrasts and stuff. I was a good student, apparently! lol

Comments I had received

From Carenza:
You did an awesome job and were (are) hot hot hot!! >:~)

From Alhena:
Excellent!I wish I could have seen you dance! My suggestion for arm thingys that stay on are garters from Priscilla's or costume shop, or suede/leather covered in your matching fabric??!!

From Heather:
Your costume was beautiful and looked very, very professional - you rock a million times over! Sergers give me fits - I think mine is possessed actually - so go you for beating one into submission! Your veil piece was beautiful and I had no idea of the background - but I was throughly captivated by your eyes. For a night that was kind of heavy on veil pieces yours did stand out - a good send off for the little guy. :D

From me:
Alhena, Good idea! My husband had almost figured it out in that he said that I needed some type of elastic or something... ;) Heather, Thanks for the compliments! I almost didn't do veil when I saw how much veil there was and the lit candles... but then I decided to do it anyway because 1) I knew that my veil style was different and 2) dammit, that's what I had practiced! lol

From Heather:
Honestly - I'm glad you did - your fabric was heavier and you controlled it well - and yeah, your stile is different so it was a good performance! And now you have five ferrets! I did see a lot of good veil work that night - and some ok work - me personally, I'm not so good with the veil so its not a thing I'm drawn to much in performance. :D

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