Saturday, July 10, 2010

sigh of relief... - Originally posted 5 September 2007

I feel normal again... and, believe it or not, normal CAN feel good. ;)

I walk more normally now. I've gotten used to it. And now that I don't have the stupid pain because of the stupid cushion, I can go about my day almost as if nothing is wrong.

Tomorrow, I will even wear jeans, which I haven't in like 8 weeks because I can't get the boot through. I will remove the boot, put the jeans on, and put the boot back on. All in honor of my Colts! ;) Tomorrow is Blue Thursday at work. I'll be decked out with my new Colts Jersey too!

The next appointment at the orthopedist's was moved from the 18th to the 20th. I'm hoping for good news but, should I need more time in the boot, I would be okay with that because it's going so well these days.

Comments I had received

From Khalidah:
The overwhelming promise of hope is on your horizon...Awesome news for you! :o)

From Elisabeth:
slow and steady dear! Congrats on the progress :)

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