Saturday, July 10, 2010

Through another's eyes... - Friday, February 15, 2008

There has been a thought lately that has stayed with me: if only we could see ourselves through someone else's eyes.

See, the thought popped in my head over the Holidays when Tacharan said that, when I joined the SCA in Quebec, lots of folks were wondering who I was and wanted to get to know me. I had no idea. Tach was very complimentary when he explained what was said behind my back and he may have exaggerated it some because he's a sweet friend but I was floored... I had no idea that people had ever thought this about me. But, back then, I was very very shy so it took some time to get to know me. And, I always felt like guys were more attracted to my beautiful friends than to me.

If only I could have seen myself through these people's eyes!

Recently, I was thinking of what it would potentially look like when people see me dance... like if I was seeing myself through my tribe sisters' eyes. What would it look like? It would most likely be akin to what I am seeing when I see THEM dance.

If only I could see myself through their eyes!

The problem is that we live with ourselves 24/7 and if that's not annoying enough, I don't know what is. So we forget that we are beautiful, that we are interesting, that people can be lost in our dance because, to us, these things are banal, trite. I feel like having that ability to see another's point of view of you might help with accepting who you are. It's hard to step outside of yourself and attempt to see what others see. But it's probably an experiment worth doing every once in a while to re-discover how truly wonderful we all are in another's eyes.

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