Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thankfully, I have a brain - Originally posted 4 September 2007

Lately, it's been so hard to stand still in a chair when I would rather be dancing!

Lately, what we've been doing for class is that one of the BRC ladies is my "body double" where she does the move while I describe it. One of the uber neat aspects of that is that the girls see the move on a different body than mine. I always tell them that moves will look different on their bodies vs. mine. Now, they have a prime example of that. Oh and I've let my body doubles explain in their terms how THEY do the moves. See, I think that we all feel the moves slightly differently so the more different explanations you get, the easier it becomes to understand a move because one of them is bound to be closer to your experience... especially if we're talking about a hard move like the full-on 3/4 shimmy.

Anyway, last week, it was so damn hard for me to stay in my chair. I wanted to show them a certain thing but I knew that it was better not to do it... Parvaneh threatened to sit on me if I tried to get up. That was funny. I know that she would have done it too! I'm lucky to have people who look out for me. Last night, we went to a kick a$$ show by Combichrist and it was so damn hard to stay in my chair again! This time, though, my brain kicked in and I knew that I had to simply watch. But, darn, I so wanted to dance! My big toe was twitching a little. lol

Yup, these will be the hard days when I have to refrain from my dancing urges. And, soon, there will be days when I will have to pace myself so as not to re-injure myself.

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