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Artist method - Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Well, I decided to write maybe more musings (as the name indicates) here than I would on tribe. For instance, I'm looking into how I should go about creating choreographies and things like that and I may mention what my Censor is saying. I know that the Censor is just plain mean and evil and doesn't make sense. The thing is that, if I was to post that on tribe, people would chime in to counter what the Censor is saying. While that's very sweet of everybody, it's me battling my demons and that's a private fight, unfortunately. I do take solace in the fact that people think the world of me, though. ;)

So, anyway, one of my hang-ups lately had been that I started having thoughts of "would my concept be developed enough for Tempest?", "what would Ariellah do?" Things like that. I was actually tempted to write on tribe and ask Ariellah what her method is to create a piece. While it's not bad to find inspiration in talented dancers, Tempest and Ariellah (and whoever else I admire; it's a long list) have their own method and that works for them... but it may not work for me... I think that it's time for me to start developing my own method.


I have no freakin' idea of where to start!!!!

One thing that I realized lately is that not writing my morning pages feels like something is lost. I may start writing more regularly in my little notebook, just not in the morning because I already have enough to do with meditation and taking care of this skin. Well, it's mostly because I'm really not an early morning person. Or rather more accurately, it's hard for me to go to bed early. Anyway, so I'm hoping that this may help me get back in touch with my inner artist.

Last night, I was thinking that I don't need to start from scratch. I'm tempted to do like a google search and see what I find but I think that it's something that needs to come out of me... i.e., while people can give you pointers, what it boils down to is something that works for them.

But, looking back at what I've done in the past, what worked well?

I think that one of my most interesting pieces was the veil piece for my students. At least they loved it and, through the Vicodin fog, I could tell that it looked nice when they performed it. For this one, I picked some moves that I wanted them to get to practice in a musical setting. That was about for the first half of the piece. Then, I let myself go. Actually, now that I analyze it some more in depth, the moves are going from easy to harder. The start has them basically walking and raising the veil, then veil on the ground and simple horizontal figure 8s, switch veil to back, some more figure 8s, then there is some twirling, and it gets more complicated afterwards. So there is a build-up that I had not noticed before. lol

Stray Cat Strut is one of my cool pieces too. It's always improv but I end up having some anchors in it. That is, each time, I do the same thing at the same spot. The in-betweens are fully improvised and vary depending on my mood.

Snake was maybe too worked on. I mean, I may have tried too hard to that one. It was supposed to be a pissy, moody song but I think that I ended up looking just scared and neutral. Jeff wishes that he could see me do Snake again now that I lost weight and that time has elapsed so my performance skills might be higher. Maybe it would be better... or maybe the choreography is just not good enough?

For Hot Hot Hot, I think that I ended up having a dull moment there. I was somewhat ready but not ready enough. Doing it entirely improv may have been a mistake too. But given that I had not heard iT do it before, I didn't want to have too much of a plan. The thing was that there are certain aspects of the piece that I considered as "accents" but what if they didn't incorporate them in the acoustic version? To the audience, it may not have been bad. I don't think that I flopped. I just think that I could have done better. Jeff said so too.

Interestingly, although I was only reluctantly doing it, I ended up doing a better job with Bir Demet. I may have worked more on it towards the end because it was a last-minute thing and then I had the unfortunate pleasure of having a purpose for my dance. I gave me a bunch of emotions to dig from to create my dance. And the veil was a different material that I had not worked with before and I thought that it was very inspiring in and of itself.

I think that one of my problems, too, is that I end up choosing songs that I like... not songs that I love. Big difference. More on that in the next blog.

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