Saturday, July 10, 2010

And the verdict is... - Originally posted 14 August 2007

*drum roll*

We obviously took some X-Rays. The guy let me place my foot on my own, telling me only what to do, which was much easier for me... there was just one placement that was a bit painful.

Then, when I saw the doc, he about gave me a heart attack when he said, "Well, the alignment is good but it's not healed." I thought that I was going to be another month on crutches. Then he said, looking a bit sheepish, "You will need to be in the boot for a little bit still but bear weight on it." Whee! I don't know if he thought that I was expecting to be completely healed or what... I knew that I was going to have to walk in that boot for some time.

I will see him every month until the fracture is healed.

My next appointment will be like Sept. 18. The doc was telling me that this fracture was going to be long to heal. It's called a Jones fracture which, when he said that, I thought "Jonesing about something?" Seriously, though, the name comes a Sir Robert Jones who broke his foot while dancing!!!! His ankle went to a weird angle and then he broke the bone. That's EXACTLY what happened to me. I told the doc that and he said, "I know... that's why I'm telling you." So I guess that it was written in my file that I broke my bone while dancing. lol

Comments I had received

From Khalidah:
Baby steps, but well on your way to 100% again. It is awesome news!! Congrats!!! :o)

From me:
I just read about the fracture a little bit more and it seems like it happens quite a bit in dancers. Go figure! I guess that I'm now marked as a real dancer! :p

From Jon:
Yay! I feel [a little] better now! :D You have literally "broken a leg"! :P

From Jatare:
Jonesing...Like that :)Happy to hear things are on the up and up. :)

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