Saturday, July 10, 2010

Healthy me - Originally posted 15 August 2007

I wrote a few blogs back about the fact that I am losing weight thanks to the efforts needed to push myself around. As time went on, it became increasingly easier to use the crutches. Like, in the past week, it's as if I'm not exerting that much more energy vs. walking. Okay, yes, it's more energy but it's not as grueling as it used to be.

Which made me freak out that I was not getting enough exercise anymore. That, plus the fact that I knew that I was about to get the okay to walk on my foot created a frantic me who was scared of losing all that good muscle tone. A friend at work said that I should still use the crutches from time to time to keep the muscles going! :p

But, anyway, it has had the added benefit that I am very careful about what I eat... in moderation... I had a burger on Monday. But I mean like we went for lunch today and I had a soup and a salad. I ordered that partly because I wanted something that was lower in calorie content and partly because I knew that I was going to have carbs tonight (leftover chinese food... yumm... chicken chow mei fun!).

I want to continue losing weight, dammit! I might as well make this time useful by doing something healthy for myself! :p

And I've pretty much decided that I will invest in a good pair of dance sneakers/boots (I mean, they go up to the ankle) when I start dancing again to have more support around my ankle, adding an extra protection against future injury. I mean, I know that it won't be fail-proof. But I read yesterday that the Jones fracture can become a chronic thing, especially in dancers. So I might as well raise my odds of not having another fracture... oh and if I get that fracture again, they might consider putting a screw in (per the info again). Screw that! (pun fully intended)

Comments I had received

From Jatare:
Good workLosing weight is a pain the butt or foot...depending (pun completely intended). Eating sensibly is always a great idea...but sometimes it's just that an idea. I'm proud of you for continuing with good eating habits...because sometimes my habits aren't so good. :)

From Tammy:
Losing weight!I have plantar fasciitis on one heel. So in order to heal (tried everything else, short of surgery), I need to start to lose weight so I can dance again. After experiencing this, I can sympathize with people and limitations now.

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