Saturday, July 10, 2010

And the muse strikes dead on... - Wednesday, February 6, 2008

no pun intended here.

After the first blog of the day, Jeff, the muse, IM'd me about some of the stuff that I had written.

He brought up the point that maybe what happened with Snake is that I overpracticed it... so the emotion was lost somewhere... hence also why I feel more successful with improv than with choreography.

I would have thought that, being passionate, it should be easy for me to express emotions. But Jeff brought up a good point that we both are too much "in the moment" (well, not really "too" much). Meaning that I can't switch easily to another emotion than what I'm currently feeling.

So we thought that I need to not overpractice... and I need to potentially do something not too ahead of time.


Pick a piece that always bring the same emotion. For example, there is this one song by VNV Nation that always, ALWAYS, makes me go gaga. I might be in a pissy mood or uber happy but I always feel the same way when the first notes pop through when it ends. So it could be a good choice... except for the fact that I go in a gaga trance so I would be utterly useless. lol

Ooh! Ding Dong. Anybody home? Big revelation! This is EXACTLY why Stray Cat Strut is always successful. I feel exactly the same way each time that I hear it, pretty much whoever plays it. No, lemme rephrase that... the same way each time that I hear it and I can dance... 'cause I was damn sad when I would hear it and I couldn't dance.

And that makes one more reason I should pick Filii Neidhardi. I feel the same way every time I hear it.

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