Saturday, July 10, 2010

Styling crisis - Originally posted on 28 August 2009

I feel somewhat on a styling crisis... not in my style of dance per se but more on the clothing and accessories front. I just wish that I could look inside myself (my head, my heart, my soul) and see what's in there, visually, and use that (in a Project Runway challenge kind of way). I realized that I can look at what attracts me visually but then again I have eclectic taste, which I find hard to deal with. I wish that there'd be a dark version of Tim Gunn to help me out... or that a certain combo of two dancers who I have in high esteem would play 'dress up' with me and help me figure it out. *sigh*

Comments I had received
From Rose Harden: i've got a great workshop for that process- you'll have to come to 3rd coast this year!

From Ambriehl: Celeste-I have done costume making and design for well over a decade. In January I am one of the instructors at the ISAMETD costuming workshop-and this is one of the topics that I will be covering. Basically-how to wear a costume...rather than letting the costume wear YOU. I will be going over not only styling to your individual likes/dislikes/... Read Moretastes...but also what styles, colors, etc. flatter each individual. Sometimes dancers fall in love with a particular costume so much, that they just wear it, even though the style might not flatter their body, the color might not flatter their skin tones, or the styling might not flatter their "dance personality". I will be going over pretty much anything and everything...basically like the show "What Not To Wear" but for belly dancers!

From Ambriehl: When I do movie replica costumes, one of the things, for instance, that I think about (and tell the person I am making it for) is that the costume will look best on a particular body type. If a man of 5'8" height and a slight build wanted a Darth Vader armor set...I would recommend a different costume choice-simply because he doesn't have the large... Read More stature to pull it off. Body type, coloring, hair color, skin tone, weight...all of these things should be taken into consideration when talking about costumes. It is something that I have always been very particular about. If you ever want to talk costumes-just send me a pm, and I hope you come to the costuming workshop in January!

From Lisa Warner: been that.

From Tempest: when I can clone another me, there's a website project I have especially for this ;)

From me: all right... must head back to the lab to figure out how to clone Miss Tempest. ;)

From Matt Mayer: I've been trying to figure out my personal style too. (for a guy that's no easy feat if you want to get beyond collared shirts and jeans) I've found it helpful to try to name the style. Tell people what you're thinking and get their input. Of course I've come up with odd things like Corporate Bohemian and Unhinged Arts and Crafts.

From me: Love those descriptions!

From Ambriehl: Matt-I love it!!!!!!

From Matt Mayer: Thanks. Of course it's easier to come up with the concepts than to understand what they mean. Still it helps to have a compass when trying to make some choices. Not that there are many to be made. As a guy clothing manufacturers think I only go to work, the golf course and occasionally Hawaii. Not a lot of other options :)

From Nikki: I'm slightly remembering a style exercise. It involved thinking of a bunch of descriptive words you like, writing them down, and using that as an aid to design. I would think you could use that in clothing.

From Jen: Maybe you don't have to be too strict. You like many styles and that's cool, just add a dash of Isa so each style is uniquely you. If I were picking you out of a steam punk crowd and you were dressed to suite, I could do it easily. you have owned your goth and tribal looks as well. As well as goth/tribal and steam punk/goth. Now do Tribal/ Steam Punk >-)

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