Saturday, July 10, 2010

Know thy music inside out - Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We've all heard that before. Well, last weekend, I had a prime example of why that is so important. My music for my performance came blazing out of the speakers in the sh!ttiest way possible. I have to admit that I was stunned and a bit flustered but I tried real hard to ensure that it didn't show too much. I know that it affected me as I didn't bring it as much as I normally would have.

I was faced with a dilemma: do I go with what I'm hearing or what I'm normally doing for the song? I decided to go with the latter. Turns out that, since the speakers were at the back of the room facing towards the stage, while I couldn't hear all the accents, a lot of it could be heard for the audience... so while some of the moves didn't make sense from what I was hearing on stage, it was okay for the audience...

Now, I couldn't hear the accents but I ended up still hitting them. Why? Simply because I heard the song in my head... so I went with what I was hearing in my head and was mostly spot on!

So... yeah... it's something very important.

I was quite disappointed with my performance as it was not all that it could have been. But I did do what I set out to do: make the best performance that I could with what I had.

Oh and I'm still tickled that Ibrahim "The Sultan" Turmen complimented me on my dance! ESPECIALLY since I was doing dark fusion. OPA!

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