Saturday, July 10, 2010

So I danced... - Originally posted 22 September 2007

So I was at the Binford Farmers Market and I danced. I stayed in place and turned and did little things. My ankle is definitely my rate-limiting step so it tells me when to stop a move. ;) It felt real good to dance. But, boy, I'm so out of shape!

After talking with Jeff (who is the voice of reason), I changed my mind about the RenFaire. I will do a solo spot per day. Don't worry... I will pace myself. I am VERY protective of my foot so I know that I'll be careful. And I can count on one of my tribe sisters yanking me off the stage should I be not careful enough. lol

Edit from Sept. 24

Actually, Saturday and yesterday, I did quite a bit so, as I was taking some rest on the couch, I realized that I am sooooooo worried over re-injuring myself while dancing but yet kind of careless (more like unstoppable) when it comes to "normal" activities that I would have more of a chance of re-injuring myself or overdoing it while doing "normal" stuff vs. dancing... So, yeah... I will dance...

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