Saturday, July 10, 2010

Feels like... - Originally posted 22 August 2007

So, today, I can walk without crutches more easily. I've gone to a small conference room near my cube and I went to get myself some water.

I feel like I look like I am developmentally retarded... especially since I'm wearing a certain skirt that makes me look like a little girl. See the pic above.

Or I feel that I may look like a zombie... so maybe the first performance that I do when I can dance should be to this song:

Comments I had received

From Haifa:
you look cute in that skirt! But certainly dance to that song anyway! Personally, its one of my favorites.

From Suri:
Genuine cutie pie! Congrats on your first steps!!!

From Jatare:
Alice in WonderlandYou look like you ate some thing that made you small...holding onto that big iron and those big buildings - how absolutely adorable.

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