Saturday, July 10, 2010

How the "Achiever" in me is hindering me - Originally posted 10 May 2007

I wrote a blog a while ago about that book that we had to read for work that eventually made you take a test and gave you your strengths. There was one strength that I thought was actually somewhat of a flaw: the achiever.

I realized last week that that is really the underlying cause of a certain problem that I have. When I start a project, I need to see it to completion... and then I'm obsessed with it.

For instance, I knitted a blanket for my friend's baby. Well, it was somehow important for me to finish it before the baby was born. It was a bit silly as, like my friend said, the baby was going to be around for a long time... So I HAD to knit. It also was a good justification for me to watch TV as it is easy to knit and watch TV (especially since the pattern was uber easy to follow.. and you can easily undo knitting... at least I have gotten very good at it). But it was such an obsession that I would not even leave the work to go do some yoga or practice belly dancing or play World of Warcraft.

And that is merely one of the most recent examples. I do that all the time.

One of the reasons, I think, is because, as the achiever strength archetype pointed out, I need to accomplish something and put a check mark that a thing was done. I even have lists of projects. There was this one item that I knitted for my husband and I actually created a knitting list of projects so that I could put a checkmark next to it. I'm that anal.

Of course, typically, if we're talking about a sewing project, the obsession is two-fold: the one described above and because of the time crunch... I typically wait until the last second to do the sewing so I end up having the extra pressure of doing it fast... which fuels the obsession even more.

I have to learn to stop and smell the roses and do other stuff besides the obsession. Actually, doing something else besides that project can be very beneficial as it will refresh my mind.

I just have to let go of that mental grip!

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