Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chaotic weekend - Originally posted on 19 October 2009

On Friday, I was dancing at Greek Islands. I get there and, unfortunately, the CD player has died so it can't play any burnt CDs. It did play original CDs but, even then, some sounded awful. Anyway, so I ended up having to dance on music that I had never heard before for all of my sets. But, hey, I'm a professional and can wing it.... and did wing it well.

The good news is that they are replacing the CD player to have a receiver with a cord for the iPod. OPA!

Then, on Saturday, I was performing a solo (and then later a group piece) at the Halloween Hafla in Muncie. Well, first off, we had issues finding food in downtown Muncie but ended up eating at Heorot but then got to the venue a tad too late for my liking.

But I was done getting ready as the first performance was mid-piece. Second performer was not there. Third performers were not ready. Liz asked "Is Celeste here?" I was at the back of the room and said in a gloomy yet sultry voice (didn't plan on making my voice that way... it just happened): "I am." Cheers and applause and hop!, I did my piece. I thought that I was going to have a bit more time to get mentally prepared... but no... lol That's life. I still did a good job.

The group piece went well. There were a few issues, namely the music being gritty (grittier than it was supposed to) and some clapping that was not in synch with the music, thus easily throwing us off beat. But we got rave reviews! OPA!

Yesterday was the makeup workshop. We discovered that 2 hours is not enough. Next time I do it, I'll do a 3-hour workshop! lol I think that people liked it. I was nervous, having never taught this material before.

Btw, if you missed the workshop yesterday but are still interested in learning make-up application from me, I'm thinking that I'll do another workshop maybe in February or early Spring.

Comments I had received

From Nicole: I look forward to coming to the next workshop!

From Sarah Myers: "Anyway, so I ended up having to dance on music that I had never heard before for all of my sets"Oh, I hate it when that happens. I once had to dance to 20 min of drum solos that I could barely hear. I really don't like drum solos.

From Liz: Thanks so much for coming up! I really appreciate you jumping in to save the day when the two people before you weren't ready. :D We had lights this year, but next year I will try to have a kickass sound sytem! :) Thanks again for coming up. You and the BRC were a fantastic addition to the show!

From me: Liz,
It was not a problem at all to jump in and dance. I'm always ready to dance! lol We had a blast and definitely will be back! :D

From me: Sarah,
I don't mind drum solos but 20 minutes would be a hell of a long time! Dancing to an unknown and barely audible drum solo set would be indeed very hard!

From Stacy: *grump* You know, I had a moment of "duh" this morning when I realized the makeup workshop was yesterday. Bah.

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