Saturday, July 10, 2010

Serger - Originally posted 14 May 2007

So I guess that I channeled the WWTD (What Would Tempest Do) principle and I decided to splurge a little and get a freakin' serger. I've been wanting one for a long time.

Thing is that my mom also has been wanting one for a long time and then finally bought one last year. She said that she would give it to me eventually. She bought an uber awesome industrial-like one, justifying the cost by the fact that she was going to give it to me some day. Now, I don't know when "some day" will be and it's not like I can ask. Knowing my mom, she would give it to me earlier than she had wanted just because I needed it.

So I decided to buy one that was decently priced but still that can do a lot of stuff with so that, when I get my mom's serger, I will sell mine.

After looking online and finding no help whatsoever as to how to purchase one (besides the usual, well, think about what you will use it for), I thought of checking on tribe and found some advice on the DIY costuming tribe. So I bought the Janome 204 D via eBay.

So now I have to figure out how that thing will work... but I thought to check at the library and they have a good selection of books on serging so that will help. I know that I will be using it quite a bit so I think that it was a good investment. And if I'm stumped, I can ask 2 of my tribe sisters and one of my friends in Quebec (who is actually a professional seamstress) for tips and tricks.

Oh and the fact that I am goth will help: I won't need to change color thread much since most everything I sew is black! ;op

Comments I had received

From Molly:
Congrats, I didn't stop serging for weeks after I got mine, they make everything look so pretty!

From me:
lol. Yes, I'm pretty sure that I'll go "serger happy" and sew a whole lot more stuff that I would have normally just because I will have to try it all! ;op

From Tempest:
now you know my secret...and why everything is edged in black. (though I did change it out ONCE for the white assuit costume, to ivory spools....and forgot too late that I could have just trimmed the thread and tied on the new ones...) I consider my serger a zen experience...and it requires that sort of mentality to work it.

From me:
"I consider my serger a zen experience...and it requires that sort of mentality to work it." Ooh... duly noted!

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